❤Day Two - Part VI: True Colours❤

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In the coffee shop within the military base, four robots, also known as the Coffee Shop Quartet gathered around a table. Unlike the other robots, they were waterproof and the digestive systems installed could handle more liquids. Sia Bucks and her team called them the coffee shop quartet. These robots, in particular, did not leave the military base until they were the only robots alive on the island. Whilst they seem innocent chattering away about randomised nonsense, they had their sadistic tendencies.

During their breaks, Sia and all the staff would sit in the coffee shop just to listen to the banter between Gold, Silver, Red and Blue. 

"I've known these guys for years," Sergeant Dust said admiring their galactic armour. He brushed off cake crumbs from his mouth before taking another bite. "They still don't understand me."

"Perhaps it's selective hearing," Daz suggested, tucking into his sandwich.  

"I can't believe they were made in some nerd's shed in Glasgow." 

Sia hushed. She wanted to listen to every word. The entertainment could boost morale for days, and she needed all the moral support she could get.

Red's head rotated observing how the green uniforms felt out of place with the bubblegum interior. "I wish something interesting would happen."

"Why don't you become the interesting something?" Blue asked. 

Silver twirled its espresso cup. "I hear humans are really into Unicorns and disposable nappies right now." 

"Together?" Gold asked, tilting its head. The giggling in the background was ignored. "I wonder why?

Blue rubbed its chin. "Humans are strange..." 

"You shouldn't believe everything you see online," Red said, before gulping his espresso. "Did you know some people have their Christmas Dinner at KFC?" 

"And McDonald's too!" Gold announced. 

Blue's shoulders shot up. "Maybe they couldn't find a decent turkey." 

"They should go to Turkey and get some!" Silver suggested.  They all nodded in unison. 

"Listen to this," Blue shouted. "Try mixing cheeseburgers with orange juice - It tastes amazing!" 

Silver turned its head twice. "I think I'll stick with the cheeseburger." 

"Me too!" Red finished its drink. 

"I prefer raw meat," Gold pondered. "How do you like your meat?" 

Red took its time to respond. "I like mine well done." 

Silver nodded. "I like mine fresh from the bone." 

Blue laughed. "I like to cook humans in sugary acid until the bones melt! It tastes like sticky-toffee pudding."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Red roared. The fuse in its eyes flickered. "BONES DON'T MELT!" 


Mariangela was feeling warmer. Catherine had been kind enough to let Mariangela borrow her blouse and spare pair of knickers for helping her find Alfie. They had some fight and he ran off into the library. Catherine never gave any detail. To her, it just sounded like another typical family fight. She could never forget the sour look on Alfie's face as if to say she was not ready to forgive his mother. 

She decided it was best to stay out of their family affairs - she had enough of her own with her stepdaughters, especially the eldest. One minute she trusted Mariangela with secrets, then the next day she's crying to the papers: MY WICKED MOTHER PUT MY FIANCE IN JAIL! The most barbaric part was that the public took her stepdaughter's side. Putting her woes aside,  Mariangela took the time under the sun to enjoy the scenery. The grass tickled her thighs as butterflies whizzed past. Harumi Lake and Mt. Ivan was not as murky as it appeared on the screen. 

She was convinced the moving figures in the trees were monkeys. Behind her was the sound of someone crying followed by another unpleasant voice that she knew too well. She headed west towards the noise was, leading her to a staircase and an open door. 

"Don't cry, baby!" Pedro's voice wailed. Mariangela could see her husband stroking something by the window. Black hair tangled by the window. "You were great. Ten out of ten. Fantastic pieces of flesh. We should try again." 

"Pedro!" Mariangela ran up the stairs and barged into the cottage. Hearing her husband's unnatural words made her want to puke fire. "What are you doing?" 

Pedro shrugged his shoulders and pulled up his boxers. "I'm winning!" 

Watching the girl's distraught face was much worse than hearing her cry. She wouldn't tell who it was under the long locks of black hair, but it had to be one of the young ones. She knew her husband used prostitutes, it was in his culture. Pedro had always said that even though he had done some terrible things in his past, he would never lay a finger on a woman. 

Mariangela panted. She held tight onto her staff. "You raped that poor girl?" 

"She loved it!" 

Mariangela shook her head. With the rips on her clothes and the way she was curled into a ball, there was no way she enjoyed it. "Did you even ask her?"

"Like I need to." Mariangela gasped. Each word that came of Pedro's mouth seemed worse than the last. "I was doing her a favour. She gets points and we get points." 

"You're a monster!" Mariangela stomped her feet. It wasn't fair! The ache in her muscles increased with her anger. She spent all morning fighting the robots that wanted her blood in their cereal. There was no time for her husband's bullshit! 

"What are you talking about?" 

"You can't go round raping people when you're still married to me! Cheating on your wife is one thing, fucking girls without consent is another!" 

"I'm not having you tell me what to do!" Pedro threw Mariangela down the stairs, taking her staff with her. Marching down, his fists clenched. "If it wasn't for me, you'd be a washed up whore begging on the streets." 

Hands on her bleeding knees, Mariangela sat on the bottom steps and stared at him. Her lips trembled, but she would not be silenced. "You should really think about the way you treat women!" 

"I've only got one thing to say to you." He removed his ring and threw it at his wife. "FUCK YOU MARIANGELA D'AMICO!" 

Sook-jo & Chang-Hoon - 50 points

Mariangela & Pedro - 50 points

856 robots remaining

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