You and Harry always had really gentle sex, which you enjoyed. But it was getting kind of old. You wanted something new. You wanted to see what he was like rough. So you created a plan. You decided to go to the club with him tonight and dance with a few other guys to make him jealous and mad. Then he would tell you it's time to leave and when you get home you'd tell him that sex with him is getting old. Then he'd get really mad, and he'd show you just how good he can be. You wanted everything he had. You'd never really seen Harry mad before and it intrigued you to find out what he's like. 

You wanted to start making him mad before you guys even got to the club. That way it would build up after. So you threw on your shortest, tightest, skimpiest dress. It barely covered your ass, showed off your curves, and your boobs practically popped out of it. You threw on 6-inch black heels and went downstairs, where you found Harry sitting on the couch waiting for you. 

He looked up and his eyes nearly popped out. 

"What the hell are you wearing?" He asked, sounding slightly angered already.

"What, you don't like it on me?" You said, trying to look sad.

He smirked at you and a look of realization came across his face. For a second you thought he knew what you were trying to do, but you decided he most likely didn't.

"No you look incredible babe." He said, smiling at you.

Wow, you thought. Not the reaction you were expecting. You shook it off and you two made your way to the club. 

It was packed, and you both quickly made your way to the VIP section. You already had some guys grab on to your hips, trying to get you to grind with them. You just kept walking behind Harry.

He noticed one of the guys trying to grab you and shook his head slightly mumbling, "That's what you get for trying to get attention.." Thinking you couldn't hear.

Ha! You knew he cared that you were wearing that!

When you got to the VIP section, you both went to the bar to get a drink.

"Harry, come dance!" You said, tugging on his arm.

"Nah, don't feel like. Go ahead though babe I'll come in a bit."

"Fine!" You left and went to the dance floor. You found a slightly attractive guy and began grinding against his crotch. It was going exactly as you had planned.

"Does she really think I'm that oblivious? She didn't have me fooled for one second. Well, when I first saw her in the dress, I was like WHAT THE FUCK WHY IS SHE WEARING THAT. But then it clicked. She wants it rough tonight, so that's what she will get. I've been getting tired of gentle anyways." Harry thought to himself. 

After watching you grind against about five different guys, Harry went over to you in the dance floor.

You were in the middle of grinding against a brazillian model when he came over to you and asked, "Having fun babe?" Like what you were doing was completely normal.

"Yupp!" You answered, trying to pretend like you really were. You were honestly getting really sick of all the dancing.

"I'm super tired, I'm gonna go home. I'd take a cab and leave you the car but I don't want you driving while your drunk, so you get a cab. Have fun babe!" Harry kissed you on the cheek and left you on the dance floor with the model. 

You dropped your jaw, shocked. He really seemed to not give a single shit about what you were doing. You couldn't believe it, you left the model and stumbled out to the parking lot, but he was gone already. What the fuck! You got a cab, as he told you to, and five minutes later you arived at you and Harry's flat. His car was already parked outside of it and the lights were on, indicating he was home. 

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