Chapter 3: Confrontation

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Boy: Y/N Yamamoto and if I see anyone try anything against me or my friends I won't hesitate to break you.

Teacher: Um ok ? You can take the three seats at the back

All three nod and walk to the back of the class.

And now

Rias POV

Rias keeps trying to discreetly look at the new students, but they keep seeing her

Rias: *thought*This energy...... Just my luck, it would seem that Issei won't be my only new piece


Y/N: *thought* That *thing* has something planned and I'm not sure I like it

Just then the bell for lunch break rang and Y/N was swarmed by girls wanting to know more about him

Random girl 1 : Where are you from ?

Random girl 2 : Do you have a girlfriend?

Random girl 3 : What do you like?

Y/N : If you don't mind I want to go eat my lunch in piece

The girls reluctantly allowed Y/N to leave

Y/N then leaves with Soi Fon and Nemu following.

While walking around you notice the perfect spot to eat

Soi Fon : Y/N isn't that the boy from yesterday?

Y/N: Hmm?

You then look up from your food and notice the brat from yesterday and two other boys going behind a building.

Y/N: If Im not mistaken , that is the kendo club building

Nemu : It would seem that they are doing something questionable

Y/N: Well there's no need to worry my lovely ladies with something like this, I'll go take a look

Both girls start blushing

Y/N walks over to where he last saw the boys

??? : Damn look at the size of her jugs

??? : Damn I'm so glad we found this spot

Brat : Guys stop hogging, it's my turn

You almost immediately figured out what they are doing, so you decide to harm these pests

Y/N : Well what do we have here?

You notice the boys flinch as they all turn around, but as soon as the brat makes eye contact with you, all color leaves his face

??? : L-L-L listen dude, we don't want any trouble

You look down at them and a plan immediately pops into your head. You then smile, in turn sending a chill down the boys spines

 You then smile, in turn sending a chill down the boys spines

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