I merrily strolled down the narrow, suffocating corridor as I held my head high with hope as I had a plan to discuss things with Clyde. He was such a great guy, he would get a little inappropriate sometimes but he was total boyfriend material.

I approached him quietly in English as we all began settling ourselves in. Mrs Valentine must still be in the teacher's lounge. I tapped Clyde's firm shoulder and he snapped his head toward me, a surprised smile on his beautiful face.

"Uh, hey, Harley," he hesitantly positioned his elbow to the desk as he leaned his chin into his palm. "What's up?"

"I just wanted to say hi, and... talk about, you know, Dinner & Dance." I awkwardly smiled, my heart racing as I feared the brutal rejection.

"Yeah, yeah, about that- I..." He stopped speaking as his chocolate brown eyes connecting with mine. He chuckled in pure helplessness, and it concerned me. "I haven't got a suit."

I recovered with a reassuring beam and swallowed my anxiety. "That's okay. I kind of like how you don't really care what people think about you, you don't even need to wear one."

He huffed and blew air into his cheeks with flared nostrils, staring at me with a sprinkle of integrity. "Harley, I-"

"You don't want to go with me, do you?" I hurtfully whispered.

"N-No, of course I do! I just... Shit, Harley- I... I'll buy a suit. Don't worry about it. I'll take you to Dinner & Dance. I'll pick you up at eight." He tiredly mumbled and scowled miserably to himself. I thought nothing of it as I was in my own world of glory and imperial happiness.

"We're going to have so much fun. I promise."

"Okay, Harley."

I got to my seat in a hurry, attempting to keep myself calm but I was ecstatic and full of delight. My eager thoughts were filling my wondrous mind as if it was air to a balloon, which was elegantly raising into the clear, silent sky with my other thoughts.

The only glimmer of light which shone through the window was shut out as Mrs Valentine suddenly approached the blinds and swiftly closed them securely. "Okay. Pride and Prejudice, page sixty."

I was startled as a new flicker of light appeared from the narrow doorway, where a careless late student barged through the door, the sun leading in. Harry's face with no expression sauntered wondrously into the tranquil, anointed classroom and with that he lowered into his chair opposite his demanding desk.

"And why are you late, Mr Styles?" She humourlessly smirked, her deep, deceiving red lips pursed at her question.

Harry only rolled his exhausted, emerald green eyes and silently shook his thoughtless head. "I guess I lost track of time."

Clyde heckled and slammed his large, detailed hands onto the weeping desk. He gave a funny stare towards a bewildered Harry and he secretively replied with a small grin.

Mrs Valentine recovered with a forced smile. "Let's get started."

Class dragged but in a delightful way. My heart pounced in my delicate ribcage like a ping pong ball seeking its opponent. I was more than eager to get started with dress shopping after class.

Devon sat beside me on the bus ride home. My feet were constantly tapping against the hard, echoing floor in impatience and Harry seemed to notice. His figure sat in front of me suddenly turned around. "Stop tapping your foot before I cut it off."

"Sorry." I whispered.

Devon nudged my shoulder. "I can't go shopping today. I have my maths tutor over six till nine. I can do it on the weekend like we planned."

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