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There might be some wrong spellings or grammars here or the other chapters😅😂 but I hope you'll enjoy it!⚽️


One peaceful night, Harukaze Yuuki, an ordinary otaku, had finally finished drawing her OC at 11:30 PM. She draw that after she finished watching Inazuma Eleven GO.

She didn't know why she have to draw that, but it was a character that was on her mind lately after she finished watching that anime.

She grabbed her phone and took a picture of her drawing before proudly posting it on the social media.

She checked the time and it was already 11:50 PM, so she decided to sleep. She closed her eyes as she quickly fell asleep because of the exhaust throughout the day.



When she opened her eyes, a brand new world was waiting for her.


Hi, Atema's here! This was my first fanfiction about Inazuma Eleven GO/IEGO. There'll be probably some wrong grammars/spellings in this story 😅 but I am doing my best to improve my english skills. And I hope you'll enjoy this book!💖 I'll do my best!

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