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"Gosh, I remember the first time I came here..." Emma comments as Sebastian enters Robert's property.

"Whose car is that?" Sebastian asks while parking his car on the other side. "I hope this is not a prank or something."

"Let's hope not, I didn't get my ass off bed to be scared."

They both take the seat belts off and make their way to the entrance. "I agree. Your ass looked pretty good on that bed."

"Shshhshs," she shushes him, blushing as he takes the keys out of his pocket. "I'm nervous."

"IT WAS ABOUT TIME!!" A familiar voice shouts from the kitchen. Seb and Emma exchange confused glances as they clearly recognize the voice.

"Leah?" Sebastian walks to the kitchen area finding the blonde curly haired girl drinking a glass of water.

"What are you doing here? Oh my God," Emma hugs her friend. "This is weird as heck." She pouts, trying to decode her friend's expression.

"Well, I was summoned by the one and only," Leah starts her explanation. "To take care of your present for a couple of hours." She beams brightly.

"Take care of-" Sebastian stumbles on his thoughts. "Ah, I have a pretty good idea of what it might be... That man..." He shakes his head in disbelief.

"What, what?" Ems asks uncontrollably. "I'm lost here."

"Where is she, Leah?" Seb wonders. Leah starts pacing to the first floor and they follow.

"Seb, what is it?" Emma whispers. She's not able to contain her curiosity.

"It's something we've talked about getting but never went on with it." He replies.

"Alright. We thought about getting... It's a she-" she finally got it. Emma didn't need to query anymore because Leah just opened the door to cuteness overload.

"A puppy?!" Emma shouts. "I can't believe it, oh lord Seb she's beautiful."

The puppy got excited with all the fuss and as Emma kneeled down she started jumping in her lap.

"How? Why?" Ems stands up with the puppy in her arms.

"Well, a few months ago Downey told me his dog gave birth to four puppies and that Susan was going insane. So he was talking about giving them to friends or relatives." Sebastian explains.

"I guess you guys were his first option." Leah smiles.

"And she's a husky!!!" Emma moves her face to the side in order to escape some of the face licks she's receiving. "Seb, here, hold her. She's so sweet."

Sebastian connects with her instantly, putting her on the ground and tickling the pup. "Jesus, I love her already."

"Well, you got yourselves a child now." Leah jokes, but that comment hit Emma in some way. Leah notices Emma's expression and is quick to ease it down. "Don't worry, it's a new responsibility but you two can manage it."

"It's like a preparation for kids." Seb fools and again, Emma does not find it that funny.

After a silent moment, Emma comes to realize that she's been holding back on more commitments with Sebastian because of fear and that has to end. They both love each other and there's no reason to be afraid of new adventures, new responsibilities. It's a maturing experience for both of them and she needs to enjoy it.

"Yeah, I would love some parenting preparation." She says smiling. It takes Seb and Leah by surprise.

Sebastian has been quiet on the marriage/children subject for some time. He knows that Emma has been reluctant about it. But this reaction is new. And good.

"What should we call her?" Emma questions while a dozen names come to mind.

"Maggie?" Sebastian suggests and both girls grimace. "What, don't tell me you'd like Luna or some other cliché." He happily turns his attention to the nameless pup. "Oh you are so cute, magugugumaguuu." He whispers.

"Maguna!" Leah claps her hands.

"I've never heard that before," Emma grins. "I like it. I was thinking about Nala."

"So who are you, huh?" Sebastian brings back his puppy voice. "Are you a Nala or Maguna?" He gently caresses the dog. "I don't know about you guys but I think she's Maguna."

"Me too." Leah agrees, feeling proud of her idea. "Huh, genius right?" She slaps Emma's shoulder.

"Wait, let's get a say from THE man." Ems pulls her phone out of her purse. 


TEXT MESSAGES - [Robert - Emma]


I know right

Thank you,

You're welcome Ems,
I love you guys


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emma:Is she a Nala ora Maguna?

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Is she a Nala or
a Maguna?

OH definitely
Maguna ❤️ 

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