Chapter 35: Not The Right Time To Play Chicken

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Ryn's wings beat powerfully against the humid air, cutting through the sky that sat between the buildings of The Lights north.

Each breath was laborious, but she could not spare the time to take a rest, her eyes darting wildly upon the ground below her, focusing on one spot and then the other, unable to stay still.

The first thing that grabbed at her attention was the speeding form of Darcy's van, weaving in and out of traffic as though it had the road to itself.

Ryn was glad she wasn't down there with them. Being in cars, especially those driven so maniacally, made her feel sick to the stomach. She'd much rather keep to the air, on her private means of transportation than be cooped up in that metal box on wheels.

And besides; they needed eyes from above, to ensure they were keeping up with their prey.

Several car-lengths ahead, something streaked across the road, leaving trails of screams and car horns in its wake.

But she didn't need to see it clearly to know what it was.

One of the Silver Scorpion's mechanical arachnids...

Everything had just happened so suddenly, she'd barely had time to register what was going on.

It had all started this morning...

They'd spent the weekend alternating between the files they'd swiped from Scorp Tech and building up the training arena to a useable standard.

So far, most of the progress had been made with the latter.

Despite it being only one year, there were an unbelievable number of files to scan through. Thousands upon thousands. After two days, they'd barely skimmed the surface.

The training arena, on the other hand. Now that was coming along quite nicely, with a range of obstacles and courses set up around the larger section of the warehouse like a circuit, the most impressive of which included a maze made from the stack of old oil barrels Quentin had discovered hiding behind the building, rigged with randomly spaced paintball guns, that were set to fire upon sensing movement. Ryn wasn't sure where the paintball guns had come from, but man they were fun. That had almost consumed almost all of yesterday, even with the ten of them piling through.

But at six A.M, this morning, trouble stirred.


Ryn admitted, the recent quiet had her concerned. If the Silver Scorpion had been still for so long, then it could only be to prepare for something dramatic.

And, it would appear, such quiet was merely the calm before the storm, because the radio stations were going crazy, this morning, only one topic bouncing around.

It was the Mayor.

Somebody, no... something, had taken the Mayor of the Lights from within his office building.

It didn't take a genius to match the news speaker's description to the giant metal scorpions that had attacked the City Hall just the other day.

And it didn't take long before the Legacies decided to go after it.

Whatever the Silver Scorpion had planned, if it involved kidnapping the mayor – not killing him – then it had to be something bigger than a ploy to inspire fear within the people...

And whatever this new ploy happened to be.... The Legacies had to put a stop to it.

'Where'd it go?!' Jackson's panicked tone rung out from the Talkie, strapped to a band she'd wrapped loosely around her neck, to keep it in place whilst she flew. 'We lost sight of the damn thing, where'd it go?!'

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