Engagement Time

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Namrata's pov

Yesterday, we all had a real good time together.
You also enjoyed the carefree Atharva, didn't you!?! Eh!
Singhanias seemed to be nice and responsible yet carefree!
Don't forget, Athrava looked very cool in his casuals!
Oh shut up! I was not checking him out!
Yes you did! You liar! Ok enough!

Atharva seemed genuine and I kind of begin to think to make a space for this relationship in my life. Guess, it's right! Time is the heal!

I am getting ready to go to office, I have a meeting with junior designers. We are going to launch a new collection during the 60th anniversary ceremony for Joshi Jewellers. I want to make sure there are no last minutes good ups as the celebration is in 2 weeks. I want to surprise dad.

I quickly got ready in an ombre knee length dress. Put on the uncut diamond studs. I really like to keep it simple yet elegant.
I joined my parents for brakefast but they seemed oblivious of my presence. I cleard my throat and wished them good morning. They sheepishly replied exchanging glances.
What's up with these two!

Umm... Nimmi! Beta we have decided something for you....and we hope you will understand our position. - Dad said a bit hesitant

I looked at both of them and said - Cut the suspense dad, what is it that you both want to tell me. You don't have to feel nervous. Say it already and please mom, stop giving those looks to dad.

They looked surprised at my answer.
What! I am in good spirits today!

Mom dropped the Bomb - Nimmi, we are planning to get you engaged on the 60th anniversary ceremony. That is 2 weeks away.

WHAT!?! - I choked on my juice.
I raised my voice - What is this mom!?! It's not even been a week, that I met Athrava, and you expect me to get engaged in next two weeks.
Is this some kind of a joke! Do you guys have any idea how much of a emotional turmoil I am going through?
I just met him Mom! I don't even like him yet! You can't force me into this just because I made a mistake in my past.
I will not do this!

Stop it with your arrogance Nimmi! How can you talk to your mom like that? - Dad said
Do you think we are not considered about your feelings? We are doing this for your own good! - he added

But dad!!! - I tried to speak

Enough Nimmi! I think Atharva is genuine and caring.
Even the Singhanias wish the same. You have to anyways get engaged soon so why not now! I won't let you ruin this opportunity.
You are getting engaged and that's final! - dad more like commanded

Better, Make preparations! I don't want to repeat myself!

With that they left me....mom gave me a thoughtful look but soon she covered her emotions.

Why is this happening to me?
What if Atharva agrees?

I started to cry....what to do my own parents are not able to understand my situation. I should talk to Atharva, may be, he will come up with a solution.

O No! I will go crazy this way!

I quickly started my car and began to office.
Guess, this is going to be a long day!

Atharva's pov

Today is a very important day as I have to finalise my most ambitious the Marine hotel deal with the US clients. It is going to be the first joint venture of overseas.
But this Pratik is troubling me over the call for some non sense, I couldn't even concentrate to what he said. I told him to call me later.
And, why is he calling... isn't he home?

I have my presentation ready and my architects have created a draft model as well.
Chhoti maa made me have sweet curd and also wished for my success.

I reached my office and called my team for a briefing. They seemed well prepared, I just have to go through the presentation once again.

My mobile started to ring but I ignored it.
Must be Pratik!!!!
But it again started to ring.... without looking at the caller's name, I picked it up and said irritably - what can I do for you, now!?! I am busy, couldn't you understand if I didn't pick in few calls! I said I will talk to you later.

But then, I could only hear a mild sobbing sound. And I got alarmed...it seemed to be a woman on the other line.
I checked the caller ID and Shit! It's Namrata.
God! I hurt her!

I started to blabbering - Hey Namrata! It's you! I am so sorry ...why are you crying....I am sorry I hurt you....I thought it's someone else ...I am sorry....please don't cry....

But she was sobbing more now!

Namrata....hey...calm down....it's ok ..I said I am sorry....please...

But no reply.....

I was worried now....did something happen....oh shit!.....

I panicked and again started - Listen Namrata.....NIMMI!!! please baby, stop crying....get a grip...I am here for you...tell me....what happened....you are scaring me now....!!!!
There was a pause on the other line.

I shouldn't have said "baby"! Shit!

Momanddadfixedourengagement!!! - I heard her say

What! I couldn't understand....come again...!!!

She sighed and said - Our engagement date is fixed!!!
I am sorry...I am scared....I didn't know what to do...sorry I disturbed you....my own parents are not listening to me. They said we will be getting engaged in next two weeks
What will I do now!?!
You know, we just met! How can I just get engaged to you all of a sudden!

I said - Hey, I didn't know any of this! I am sorry... There is nothing to worry...if you are not comfortable with our engagement this soon .. nobody will force you! Relax!
I will handle it...will talk with your parents.

How come, nobody told me this!

Atharva, I am not saying, I don't want to...but I need time.
I can't just jump onto a new relationship having difficulty to confront my past.
Please, try to understand my situation. Please do something, please! - she again started crying

I can't see her in tears....atleast not because of me!

I spoke - Namrata, nobody will force you, ok! They are family...they will understand...relax!
I will call you in an hour ..I have a meeting with few foreign clients.
I can't avoid them ...sorry!

Oh! No..no...i am sorry...i just panicked....will manage! - she said

Hey! How about I pick you up in the evening, around 5 ? Would you be free? We can talk!

No reply.... Namrata...you there!?! - I asked

Yeah! See you at 5pm! She said and hung up.

How am I going to manage this?

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