xiv. goodbye

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Jason POV

The greatest tragedy a soul can endure is to connect with another, and then be left alone once more.

I thought over his words once more. I wondered if it was true. Did I really have super strength? Was I really invincible? I tried to remember all the fights I had been in. I always escaped unhurt, even though my opponent would be covered in injuries.

"Are you done packing yet?" Mr. Easton entered the room.

"Yeah" I muttered. I grabbed my backpack and stood up, looking around my old room one last time. Most of my life had been spent here.

"Come on. Mr. Wilson told you to wait on Main Street" he broke into my reverie.

I made my way down to the lobby

Invincible. I thought to myself. But then, all of the fights I got in were for Ava. I gasped as her face appeared in my mind. Ava. I cursed myself. How could I forget?

I rushed towards the reception. Mrs. Ellis looked at me in surprise.
"Mrs. Ellis, could I use the phone please? I need to call Ava"

"Oh yes dear, I nearly forgot. Ava called while you were upstairs with that nice old man. She told me to tell you goodbye." She smiled

I guess I won't have to call her after all.

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