CC's Little Sister [Andy Biersack Love Story]

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My sleep was disturbed by the sound of my mother arguing with her boyfriend, "I don't want you drinking anymore Aaron! I've had enough of you beating me!" my mother roared. Then I heard a smack to a face, probably Aaron to mom, he's a huge drug addict. Did I mention he is a alcoholic too? 

Might as well get to the introduction of myself. I'm Kelly Mora, sister of CC, drummer in Black Veil Brides, 21, with dark brunette hair, and extremely pale skin. I've been living with my mom because Christian set out to be with the whole tour thing. I was left behind because at the time I was only 17. So he couldn't take me with himself because I was still a minor and blah blah blah. I've been not eating much, and have cut myself a few times here and there. Mom hasn't cared, because Aaron was more important to her. Anyways, back to the present and out of my mind. 

Stumbling over to my plain old white door,  I creaked it open to find my mother on the floor her hand on her cheek. Aaron with a stern look on his face, he bent down and slapped her once more and peaked over at my door. Shit, I'm in for it too. I sped to my closet and locked myself in it, thank god this closet could be locked on the inside rather than the outside. Aaron continuously banged on the door, thankfully I grabbed my phone before I burst in here scared for my life. I didn't want to be beaten, not now not ever. 

"Get outta there you little punk!" he shouted at me.

Yeah right I'm totally coming out of my closet to get abused, um no. 

I dialed Christian's number and begged for him to pick up, please Christian please pick up! Finally he answered after what seemed like forever. 

"Hey Kelly! What's up lil' sister?" he said in his Australian accent to sound funny, it normally would've worked but  not at a situation like this. 

Before I realised it, I was sobbing on the phone, "Christian, please come get me I know you're in town this week of the tour. Aaron hit mom again and he's coming after me, brother please come help me." 

God I sounded weak but within a few minutes CC finally calmed down and so did the banging on the closet door. He told me be ready with a few clothes and essential items to drop down my window. I grabbed one of the suitcases in this tight space of a closet and started packing up some clothes. Figuring a few outfits will do, I snuck out of the closet hoping he'd be gone. Sure enough for my luck he was. I got other things for myself like bras, underwear, deodorant, etc. Rushed back to the closet my phone lit up receiving a text message. 

It was from the lead singer of the band, Andy.

Andy: CC told me what happened, be safe okay? :] We're almost there! All packed up?

Me: God damn CC can't keep his mouth shut when it comes to worrying about me. >-< I'll be fine, huddled up in my closet corner, and duh! I'm not like every other girl that takes for fucking ever. :p

In a few more minutes I heard a huge engine go to a halt, seconds later I got another text from Andy.

Andy: We're outside darling! Toss your stuff out the window and jump down!

Me: Okay thanks Andy. c:

I got out of the small closet again and chucked my stuff without even looking. I looked down to see CC have my suitcase, and Andy with his arms outstretched ready to catch me. As I climbed out the window I felt a hand grab my shoulder. Following that I looked behind myself and seen Aaron, now I was frightened for my life. 

"Think you can get away that easy Kelly without a beating? Shame." he stated.

With that he pulled me back in as I screamed for help, struggled in his grip. Aaron continuously landed punch after punch on my face, till someone busted through the door, well people. Christian, Andy, and Ashley came to my rescue before it got to extremes. 

"CC!  CC!  CC!  CC!  CC!  CC!  CC!  CC!  CC!!!" Christian chanted repeatedly, attacking Aaron to the floor. Ashley followed right behind him and started beating on Aaron too. 

I couldn't help but laugh at CC's little outburst, he sure does get carried away with himself. I was immediately by Andy, since he was the only one not kicking Aaron's ass unconscious. 

He looked down at me and smiled, I couldn't help but smile because his smile was so heart warming. I probably looked really defenseless by the gaze I was giving Andy, but in my situation I couldn't help but not just stare at him. We must've been having our stare-down for quite some time because Ashley wolf whistled and Christian awkwardly coughed.

" Are you two done staring at each other like long lost lovers or what?" Ashley said.

Christian being the goof he is shouted, "ANDY. I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU HAVE SEX WITH MY SISTER TONIGHT OR ANYTIME SOON.." he trailed off, probably forgetting what he was going to say.

"Can we PLEASE, get out of here before the fucker over there wakes up?!?" I shouted.

I am impatient, can't help it either. After my shouting we all sprinted out of the house before mom could even know they were here. Mom hated that CC left us, but I accepted it because he needed to start a life of his own and not be held back by us. Finally with Andy climbing me into the tour bus I saw Jinxx and Jake sitting at the miniature table watching the TV resting near the couch. Both looked away from the now commercial advertisement on the screen and focused their attention on the four of us entering the bus. Andy finally put me down, and pet my head. Damn, I love it when anyone touches my hair. 

"Well hi there CC's sister! We've heard a bunch about you from him!" Jake said getting up and extended a hand to me, I don't do handshakes so I went up to Jake and hugged him. After that hug I hugged Jinxx and sat down as the bus rolled off. 

"I couldn't thank you guys enough, I seriously didn't wanna be Kelly-toast back there!" I said gratefully.

"Anything for you crazy lil' sis! Now, your bunk is over there and... HOLY FRENCH FRIES! GIMMIE THE MONSTER!!!!" CC screamed.

Ashley had grabbed a Monster from the mini-fridge and CC being one that loved the stuff, started running around the bus after Ashley for the energy-filled drink. Within that time I had gotten to know the guys more and then CC got tired. Forgetting all about the scars on my arms from cutting, I took off my long-sleeved shirt and kept on my black tank top. Andy looked at me funny, yet I didn't know why till he spoke.

"Kelly.. Why are there cuts all over your arms?" he asked concerned coming up to me touching them.

CC shot up and looked as well, so did the others. Great, I thought I was able to get away from all my problems but no, I had to take my shirt off.

"Well umm.. long story." I said looking down at the floor regretfully. 

CC looked at me sternly, "Kelsy Mora, explain now."

Never have I heard such seriousness in Christian's voice. I always knew his voice as fun and laughter. Hoping this couldn't get any worse I just decided to obey my brothers orders.

"Since you left, life wasn't the best for me at all. Mom found Aaron, and he abused her. She didn't care since you weren't there to care for her with me. I was getting blamed for her being abused and he started abusing me saying I should lose weight because I looked like a fatass. So I continuously ate less and felt like you'd never come back.. So I started cutting, but it's been a while since I have done it last. I just really and honestly am done with it for good. " 

As I finished my short explanation of what happened, he hugged me tightly so I was barely breathing.

 "Never give in Kelly, we're always here for you! You should've called when all this happened so you didn't have to do this." Andy said to me.

I gave him a smile and finally managed to speak in CC's death hug, "Can't breathe.. let me.... go..."

CC let me go and everyone group hugged me and for a the first time in a long time, I actually felt happy to be alive. 

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