(PT. 5) Frustrating Explanations (PT. 5)

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For some reason, I decided today was the chapter that the cussing began.. Don't ask me why. Sorry if this stops some of you from reading and you were really invested in the story.

(Don's POV)

I looked from one Ashlie to the other. The one with the goggles, to the one without goggles.

"I fucking hate today." I bluntly said. Great x3 Grandma Ashlie smirked at me.

"Still an edgy pumpkin spice latte cinnamon roll, huh?" She said.

"... Question one, what's a pumpkin, question two, what's a latte, question three, what's a fucking cinnamon roll..?" I asked, confused and frustrated.

"That's not important right now, how are you alive? It's been two hundred years dude." G-ma x3 asked me.

"I mean, I think we died, then Duni-" I was rudely interupted by the Uni here.

"Duni? That's the guy who made Lenard, and was going to do a project called "Mother-free" or something, right?"

"I have no clue who the fuck Lenard is, but the project, yeah that's where we all died ANYWAYS.. As I was saying, Duni dragged me, Dick, and Dashlie-" I was saying until I was rudely interupted AGAIN by Nick.

"Isn't that just me and Ashlie's name, but with a D?" He said.

"YES." I said, internally screaming. "Now could you PLEASE stop interupting me!?"

They all shook their heads very hurriedly.

"Great. Now as I was saying.. Duni grabbed me, Dick, and Dashlie into a pocket universe of some sorts I guess.. Wait just a fucking second-"

Now that I really looked, this was an exact copy of the lifeless forest in that pocket dimension.

"You guys did kill us by the way.. Right?" I asked G-ma x3 Ashlie, just to double check my sanity.

"... Yeah. Yeah we did." She replied, looking down at her feet. "Sorry.. About.. The way Jon killed you, that was not okay is all I'm gonna say."

The other Ashlie, Uni, Nick, and Jon all stared at her like 'Wha the fuck you just say!?'

"Right, it's whatever, he didn't really kill me I guess." I said bluntly. "Anyways.. How are you not.. dead?" I asked G-ma x3 Ashlie.

"Oh, I'm a vampire!" She said profoundly.

"I thought Nick was the vampire though?" I was once again confused.

"Oh, I kind of got cursed and became one to, including my decendants. That was until she broke it and became the none vampire of the family, and then cursed herself to become a vampire." She answers, pointing at the Ashlie without goggles.

"Okay, great, but to keep this from getting confusing, what do I call you?" I ask G-ma x3 Ashlie. I could say that, but it's a mouthful.

"Just call me Ash, k?" She said. I nodded. When suddenly I heard another familiar voice, this one much recent compared to Ash.

"Hi guys!" Said an eccentric voice. It was that fucking bird.

"Hi Lindsey!" Called out 'Ashlie.' Lindsey the bird landed then looked at me.

"Who are you?" She asked. I slapped my face a dragged my gloved hand down it until it slid off my face.

"It's me, Don, the guy from that one place, with the pug that tried to turn you evil.." I said. I was fucking tired.

"Oh! I remember now. That was scary!" Lindsey replied.

At the same time Uni, Ashlie, Nick, and Jon all went "YOU TRIED TO DO WHAT NOW!?"

I was really tired now. I couldn't even open my mouth to reply, and that's when the full force of two people fell on top of me.

"WHAT THE FUCKING HELL JUST HAPPENED." Screamed an oh-so familiar voice.


"Could you two please get off me.." I groaned. I was still really tired, but I had adrenaline in motion now. I heard someone gasp, push the other person off, and envelope me in a hug.

"... SHIIIIP!" Yelled Dashlie. I suppose everyone else was in shock still.

"SHUT UP DASHLIE." Me and Dick both yelled at her. And there went the last of my energy.

Suddenly, I fell unconcious in Dicks arms.

(Dicks POV)


"... Why the fuck are you so damn cute." I muttered. And that's when me and Dashlie noticed the others.

"Oh. Fuck." Dashlie and I said at the same time, and then went our explanation of our story and how we ended up back here, while I held Don close to me, bridal style the whole time.


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