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Deku wakes up to see no Shoto or Kacchan, he starts to tear up until he see the letter on the bedside table.

    ~Dear Deku,
Sorry we couldn't stay all day but we will be home soon just text us when you wake up and enjoy your breakfast in the fridge.
          ~Love, Shoto and Kacchan~

Deku quickly grabs his phone and texts Them
M: Hey I am up
S: Hey how are u doing
M: Better then earlier
K: I am glad to hear that
M: So Shoto I was meaning to tell u earlier.
S: Tell me what??
M: That u don't have to call me by my last name I mean we have been dating for a few months and I really don't like to be called that by u
S: ok sure then what do u want me to call u???
K: Can I get into this too??
M: Sure Kacchan
K: ok how about Baby Bunny, Bunny for short??
M: I love that
S: me too ok then I guess that is your name now
S: Midoriya
K: Deku
K: Baby Bunny
Deku starts to cry again and Shoto and Kacchan can feel it while sitting in class.
"Just 1 more hour Bunny, just 1 more"

1 hour later

As soon as the bell rang Shoto and Kacchan rush out the doors and sprint home. They haven't heard anything from Deku for an hour and they were worried. As soon as they got home they ran straight to their room to see deku curled up crying.
Shoto cried as he rushed to Deku's side
"Are u ok"
"Oh Shotokun it hurts so much"
He looks up "where is Kacchan"
"He went to pick up some food but I am here so hush it will be ok"
He cuddles Deku to his chest for about an hour till Kacchan.got home and joined in.
"We love u our baby bunny"

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