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To; Sean Lewser
I'm here. Hurry up

Kaycee angrily shut off her phone and set it aside, running her fingers through her hair as she sat in his driveway. It was Thursday, which meant it was her turn to drive them to class. She just wanted to make it to Friday, they'd finally be able to spend a day together without classes. She wanted to dance, with him.

He came out a few minutes later, bag over his shoulder. She watched carefully as he walked to her car and shoved his bag in the backseat. He wore his infamous black joggers and black hoodie. Seeing him in an all black outfit made her feel different.

She smiled as he got in the passenger seat and shut the door.

"Morning, beautiful," he greeted. It was a usual saying for him now. He wanted a reaction out of her, and he got it everytime.

"Good morning," she replied, backing out of the driveway, while she tried to keep her blushed cheeks out of his view. Unfortunately for her, he had already seen it.

Sean smiled before reaching over to grab something from his backpack in the back seat. He was so close that Kaycee could smell his light cologne, making her nervous as she gripped the wheel. He turned his face — which was inches away from hers — and smirked. He leaned back into his seat and got comfortable once more, allowing Kaycee to breathe again.

Kaycee parked at their usual parking space and got out of the car, Sean following as he took out their bags from the back. He was soon over on her side as they began walking towards their building.

"Here," he said, handing her a bottle of water and a homemade croissant. "I know you were in a rush this morning, and I definitely know you didn't have breakfast."

"Thanks, Sean," she smiled when an idea came to her mind. She grabbed the back of his neck as she stood on her toes, bringing his face closer to her. She placed a small kiss on his cheek. "You're the best," she whispered before going back down and giving him a warm smile.

He stepped back, giving her a wide eyed expression. It surprised him, as he was used to making the moves.

"Kaycee Rice," he said, returning the smile. "You amaze me."

The two parted ways, going to their separate classes. Kaycee let out a shaky breath as she ran her hand through her face, the blush making her feel hot.

She couldn't believe she had done that, let alone thought of that. Kaycee wasn't one to be so forward with things like that, and as much as it surprised Sean, it surprised her even more.

Sean couldn't concentrate during his History class, and paid no attention to the professor as she was going on and on about the Civil War. All he could think of was Kaycee's lips on his cheek, the way she grabbed the back of his neck and slid her fingers through the back of his hair. He wasn't going to lie, he liked it. No, he loved it.

They were used to the physical contact for a routine, but never did Sean think Kaycee would be brave enough to touch him like that and vice versa. He liked that side of her, and he liked getting a reaction from her.

The flirting was nice, touching as well, but getting that close to each other was taking it to a whole different level. Not that he minded, and he hoped Kaycee didn't mind either.

"Hey, Sean," Jonathan mumbled, tapping him on the shoulder. Sean turned around, to face his friend.

"What's up?" he asked, mind still set on Kaycee. He darted his eyes back to the professor, who was lost in her own lecture.

Jonathan squeezed Sean's shoulder. "Another party tonight? You there?"

Sean shrugged, "I have plans with Kaycee, so I'm not sure."

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