The Pub (most_bay)

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The Pub

Once upon a midnight boring, while I tried to keep from snoring,

Searching for an inspiration, something fun to keep me up,

My mind drifting, my hands shifting, suddenly my eyes were swifting,

On the screen the words uplifting, warming like a coffee cup

"'tis so wonderful!" I mumbled, "not at all like boring clubs."

It was called The Poets Pub.

Oh! I utterly loved it there, such a breath of beautiful air,

Everyone could find their flair, drinks, and gratifying grub

Happily I have found my place-- cordially accepted with grace

Poetry filled the time and space-- space for poets to hobnob

For the Pubbers love to mingle, and they will refill your cup

Come and join The Poets Pub.



Based on The Pub Chatter prompt (May 19, 2019) This poem was written - hopefully - in the style of The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe, whom, regardless of my poor poetry-reading experience, I consider my favorite famous poet and possibly my poetic spirit animal for no good reason!! I mean he's The Poe! Come on! XD

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