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we went on a bunch of other rides over and over again. Me and chase were side by side. He knew I sad but I think he also knew that I shouldn't be bothered because I was trying to be "happy"

Chases pov
Kylie seems sad. I think she has depression. I should know, I've had it and this is what it's like. Even when you act like you're happy, you still feel trapped and you're sad for a couple of weeks or even more. I love her I feel so bad but I think she wants me to see that she's strong. "Do you want to go on my back?" I asked her. The corners of her mouth went up a small bit then back down. "Yeah" she hopped on my back and we walked around. I started running and I spun her around "AHHHHH CHASEEE AHAHAHA" I heard her laugh and squeal. She's so cute. "Chaseee my hair is messy now" she said frowning "it's perfect no matter what baby." She hid her face in my back while on my shoulders

Kylie's pov
I love chase. I just do. He's amazingggg. I was on his back and I wanted to go on one more ride. "Chase is it okay if we go on one moreee?" Chase laughed "sure kiddo" I hopped off and me and Payton were running into a zero gravity ride and chase and Sam were walking (lazy farts lol) we got on and ya know went on it. It went so fast we felt like we were flying. Me and chase were holding hands the whole time. I squeezed it and was laughing. I felt a little better. My chest isn't as tight. I'm not that sad. Chase makes me happy and I'm happy if he's happy. When we were done we all drove home, Payton and Sam slept over in the guest room. In the car chase drove and I slept in the back and Payton was in the front. "Yooooo dude put on tongue tied" Payton screamed "YESSSSS" chase screamed. "Oh my god bro memories" sam said.

LOVED YOU THEN I LOVE YOU NOW" all of the boys screamed. I woke up obviously. "Well I guess I'm awake." I laughed and so did everyone else "sorry babe" Chase said "it's okay" I giggled.
I reached over and turned it back up and we listened to the best songs the whole ride home. I was laughing and dancing. Every time I looked at the mirror the driver is supposed to look into. I saw chases eyes starring into mine. I smiled which made Chase smile. We got home and I yawned. Chase opened the door for me and picked me up. I laughed and he carried me like a baby in his arms then I slowly started to doze off. I saw a flash and squinted but didn't open my eyes. I think he took a photo of me "chaseee no photos" I said With my eyes closed I heard him laugh. Chase carried me upstairs and laid me on his bed. I heard him say goodnight to Sam and Payton and I heard them laughing I rolled over and groaned. I checked the time it was 1:30 am. I heard the door open and chase came in "you okay?" I nodded "Mmhm" I sneezed and chase laughed "how come everything you do is so cute like I'm so confused." I laughed a little and laid face down on the pillow. Chase got into bed with me and gave me his sweatshirt. Which has become a routine. Kinda like a tradition I guess. I like it. It smells like him. I tried to put it on but I was kinda sleeping still "here i got it" Chase helped me sit up and put the jacket on me. I faced him and smiled. "Kylie" I heard chase say. "hm?" I asked
Chase looked a little worried
"Are you okay?" I asked chase smiled
"Are you?" He asked.
"Um yeah I'm fine why" I said getting nervous
"Kylie" he asked
"Are you...." he didn't finish
"Am I?"
"Depressed?" He asked. Making my chest get tight.
Now that I think about it. Maybe I am. Sometimes I actually feel okay. But deep inside I don't at the same time.
"I-" chase interrupted me "you don't have to answer if you don't want to. I just want you to be okay. I like you a lot and I want you to be happy."

"I- I don't know if I'm depressed." I shook my head "how do I know?" I asked him "well do you ever feel like you want to hurt yourself?" I nodded "that doesn't mean you have depression but it can mean that. You get tired and sad a lot right?" I nodded and looked down. "I think you're depressed Kylie. But I'm here and.... " he paused. "I love you." I looked up and I looked so surprised "what?" Chase asked he's never said that before. I of corse feel the same " you've never said that before..... I love you too." I said smiling looking at him as I was laying down. He kissed me and I kissed back. I was looking into his beautiful blue eyes. Just laying there looking at him, he was looking at my hazel eyes. I sighed and me mimicked my sigh. I laughed and he laughed too. "I can't you're just sooooo cute" he said, I covered my face with my arms, which looked huge because of his large hoodie sleeves. "Noooo" i said smiling.

We were facing each other with a blanket wrapped around us and my head was in his chest. He has his arms wrapped around me and hovered over me. "Goodnight" I said to chase. He kissed my forehead "goodnight baby" I fell asleep in his arms and I felt so happy that night.

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