Chapter VII: Piggyback Ride?

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He slowed down. No need to startle a person who looks on the brink of breaking.

'Looks like I was right.'

'He did break maybe someone he was close to is in the gas station'

The green haired boy was at the back corner of the alleyway. Dabi would have passed him if it weren't for the heavy breathing and crying. The boy did look broken.

His hair was a mess it had shards of glass tangled in it that were definitely new from yesterday when Dabi saw him.

Dabi slowly walked up to him and sat down. The action startled the boy he stopped all mumbling and jumped back further in the counter but did nothing otherwise.

"Hey, kid?"

The boy looked up to see the person who talked to him. He was meet with the same boy he saw before. He was confused but also a little scared. He pushed that feeling down.

It stayed silent before the Kid realized Dabi was waiting for an answer.

"Mhm?" was all he could get out when shaking.

'Whatever happened looks like it scared him a lot.'

"Could you tell me what happened?" Dabi tried to make his voice sound caring but his voice was naturally scratchy and low. It would usually make someone scared or more scared in these situations. But the green haired boy seemed to understand what he was trying to do.

His shoulders slumped down as he spoke. "He found me. He screamed my name and ran after me."

'Does this kid have someone after him?' Questions were being asked in Dabi's mind but few were being answered.

"I was just walking and he was there with some 'extras' " The boy quoted the air when saying 'extras' and smiled softly letting a few giggles out before turning back into his scared and broken persona.

"He asked me why I wasn't at school and why I was out here. I got scared and ran into the gas station but he ran after me and tried to grab my wrist." the boy locked eyes with Dabi and brought up his red wrist.

'That's answered.' Dabi thought quickly as the kid continued.

"Then he used his quirk," He brought his knees to his chest but quickly put them down as more tears started to prick as his eyes.

"I had a lighter in my pocket." He stopped to breathe. "His quirk is explosions. I had it in my uniform pocket when he grabbed me and used his quirk." His breathing Increased and he looked like he was having a hard time trying to find words.

The boy seemed to have given up on trying to find words and lifted the floral sweatshirt.

"Holy shit," Dabi whispered.

The boy's green hair was covering his eyes but you could see tears now freely flowing.

Under the sweatshirt was the uniform Dabi saw the kid in yesterday or what was left of it. By the pocket area, you could see a giant burn mark that burned straight through the uniform. The skin was burned off and you could see it was bleeding.

"Do I need to drag you to the paramedics or can you walk?" Usually, Dabi would stay far away from the police but this kid needed help and if he believed in heroes like everyone else he would probably go. If not Dabi was pretty good at dealing with burns.

I mean half his skin is scar burns.

He's pretty experienced.

"Ugh... no. I will rather be here." The kid could barely talk but he did and what he said kind of surprised Dabi.

"Why?" Now Dabi was curious.

After the question was asked the boy started shaking again. Worried what would happen if he told the truth and what kind of lie could he muster in 10 seconds.

Dabi seemed to see the kid shaking again and decided that was not the right question for a time like this.

"Ok ok I get it you don't want to go to the paramedics," Dabi said trying to calm the shaking. That seemed to do the trick.

"...thanks..." It was barely a whisper but Dabi heard it and smiled.

"Ya well, I'm not leaving you here. If you won't let the pros check it then let me treat it for you." He knew that most people would say no to that but this kid had no other choice than to try and treat it himself. But It looked like that was not an option either.

"Ok and... " He stopped for a second seemingly battling if he should continue or not. "I'm Izuku" He finished. 'Well I have your name now'

"Ok Izuku I'm Dabi" Izuku looked at him skeptically. "I told you my given name. It's your turn. Not a stupid nickname."

Ok, now Dabi immediately thought this kid had two sides. One was sweet the other, well it was, that.

But he had to keep this kid talking. Mostly because if he stopped all his focus would go to the burn. And that would be painful.

"Well Izuku how about you tell me your last name," Dabi said in the same voice Izuku did a few seconds ago. Now Dabi was trying to figure out how he was going to carry him. 'Hope he can do a piggyback ride.'

"I can tell you my last name when you tell me yours," Izuku stated. "Ya ok. Izuku can you get on my back?"

"Umm... Sure?"

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