Day 8

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Ten Reasons Not To Die

Day 8- Mom and Dad

                The only connection I had left with my parents is an old photograph of the two of them on their wedding day. Mom looked so beautiful in her long, traditional white wedding dress with long, laced sleeves. Her dark mahogany hair, which I inherited from her, was in loose ringlets and she was carrying a bouquet of light pink roses. Dad, who had his arm snaked around her waist, was pulling her in for a peck on the cheek. He was wearing a classic black tuxedo with a simple black bow tie. Dad was staring at mom with dazed eyes, while she was laughing.

                I don’t think I’ve ever seen my parents happier than they were in this photo.

                My eyes cast over the photo, as I bit my lower lip.

                God, I miss them so much.

                Suddenly, someone knocked on the door, as it pushed open. Feeling flustered and startled, I fumbled to hide my picture by shoving it under my pillow.

                Evan stepped inside my room, as he raised an eyebrow. He had a teasing grin on his face, as he tried to reach over me. “What were you hiding?” he asked, trying to snatch the picture out from under the pillow.

                “It was nothing.” I lied, swatting his arm away.

                Evan smirked, as he hovered over me. I fell on my back against my bed, as he straddled me. My face turned cherry red, as I held in my breath. Evan smirked at my reaction, as he reached out to brush a strand of hair behind my ears. “Okay, Remy.” He whispered, voice sending shivers down my spine. What was this boy doing to me? “I guess I’m going to have to do this the hard way.”

                Before I could react any faster, his hand pulled out the picture from under my pillow. My eyes widened as he stared at it. His face went pale and blank, and just for the slightest second, I forgot that he was still on me.

                “Okay, you can get off now.” I grumbled, pushing him off of me. I had to admit that I was slightly pissed off that he took the picture without my permission.

                I couldn’t help but notice that he was still looking at the picture. His face was blank, so I couldn’t see what he was thinking about when he looked at it.

                “Give me it back.” I muttered, snatching it away from him. I didn’t want to be rude, but I didn’t want him to judge me. Not that I thought he was going to, I mean, I trust him, right?


                I trust Evan Woods.

                “They look really happy.” He whispered, looking me in the eye.

                “They are.” I immediately said, as my face well. “Or, they were.”

                Evan smiled faintly, eyes following my hand as I slipped the photo back under my pillow, where it should belong.

                “There’s a reason why you’re here today.” Evan suddenly said, making me turn to him with a raised eyebrow.

                “What do you mean?” I frowned.

                Evan smiled, staring at the cracked white wall on the right. “There’s a reason why you weren’t in that car when your parents died. There’s a reason why you were chosen to stay here.”

                I almost wanted to cry.

                My heart was falling to the pit of my stomach, as a lump rose in my throat.

                “Don’t say things like that, Evan.” My voice cracked.

                Evan turned to me, eyes lingering on the salty tear that slid down my cheek. Slowly, Evan’s hand reached out to brush the tear away from my cheek. What must’ve surprised me the most was when Evan didn’t take his hand away. In fact, his hand cupped my right cheek, rubbing circles on my temple with his thumb.

                “Say things like what?” he repeated. “The truth?”

                My hands trembled by my side, as my cheek felt warm against Evan’s palm. “Your parent’s don’t want to see you sad, Remy.” He soothed, voice sounding so gentle and soft. “They left you here for a reason. Don’t disappoint them.”

                “Evan, you don’t know what you’re-“

                Evan’s lips suddenly landed against my cheek, as my eyes went wide.

                My heart began to race, as Evan’s soft, cool lips came in contact with my red, flushing hot cheeks.

                I know it was only a kiss on the cheek, but it was the most intimate thing that’s ever happened to me.

                I hated to admit it, but it felt so right.

                When Evan pulled his lips away, I couldn’t help but notice how his ears had a hint of pink to them. I bit back a small smile, as Evan stared down at my bed shyly.

                “S-so, yeah.” He stuttered, sounding shaky and nervous. “Reason eight, your parents.”

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