save the princess

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princess pov

daddy said nova was coming over today and i was excited. we hadn't played together and forever. and today i was feeling really little, younger then normal. like 2 or 3 maybe even one years old.

"dada, wen nova here?", i waddle over to him, trying not to fall over from my wet diaper.
"soon princess"

i look at daddy with pleading eyes not knowing how to tell him i had pooped my diaper. when i was this young in little age, it was hard for me to do normal stuff. even walking was a struggle, forming sentences and asking for thing were so difficult.

that's why i liked being a 4,5 &6 age little.

i plopped down on my fuzzy carpet in my play room waiting for my bestie to get here. i bounced up and down giggling at the squishy feeling in my diaper. i a nasty princess.

once the door bell rung daddy came and got me from upstairs. mommy was at work and would be all day so it would just be me, nova and daddy at least i thought.

i tried opening the door but my hands wouldn't work so daddy helped me. i smiled expecting to see nova and her daddy. but my smile quickly faded and i ran.

it wasn't just nova. there were six extra people. three of them were dressed like littles, the others dressed like normal adults. i was frightened by them. who was they? why was they here?

i ran and hid behind daddy's legs, "it's okay princess, nova just brought a few friends", i shake my head not wanting to meet them.

"hi, i'm milly!", a girl shorter then me in pink waves. "dis is jax and lana", they both wave at me.

i step back farther from them. "come on silly", nova grabs my hand and pulls me with her. i shyly say hello to them and run back to my daddy.

did i mention that i'm incredibly shy when i'm deep in little space.

"come on in", daddy says to them and i run in the other direction hiding in a corner.

babygirl pov

i thought that bring a few friends to hang with us would be fun but rowan didn't seem to like it.

"babygirl come here", my daddy said to me.
"yes, dada? what's wrong wif rowan?", i pout.
"her daddy said she deep in little space. she's a 1-2 year old right now and is shy. but i believe you can warm her up with some play time", i nod and hop off of his lap.

mission save princess commence. wow! das a big word.

i walk over to jax, milly and lana. i tell them the plan to get rowan to like them and play with us. they agree it's a good idea.

i walk over to princess, she playing wif her dolly. i sit next to her and she hugs me.

"i wike you, nova", she giggles.
"i wikes yous a lot too", we play dollies for a while until we get bored. "hey, wanna play wif dem?", i ask.
she shakes her head, "i don't know dem"
"i know but they are nice littles and my friends", she slightly pouts but then takes my hand.

we walk over to the others and they are playing with some dolls too. rowan sits far from them and close to me.

"guys dis is rowan, her daddy is over there", i point to blair; her daddy.
"darn it, iz was hopin you has a mommy like mes", milly whines.
"i do"
"wait so yous tellin us yous has a mommy and a dada?", jax exclaims.
"yeps", she giggles.
"that's so not fair", lana and i say at the same time.
"i wish i had two dada's", jax pouts.
"why?", milly asks.
"more attention and more playtime", he tries to wink but fails.
"yous guys are swilly", rowan giggles.
"hey, yous guys wanna play swave the pwrincess?", lana asks.

princess pov

"wha dat?"
"a fun and swilly game where there is a big scwary drangon and a evil meanie witch who is evil and tries to kill the princess but the brave and handsome knight guy and a unicorn save her", nova says.
"cans iz be the pwrincess?", i ask.
"yep and i'll be the unicorn", nova says.
"i wanna be da evil witch", lana gives an evil laugh.
"what's left?", i ask.
"the knight and dragon"
"rock, paper, scissors so see who wins", lana says.
"what's da?", the rest of us say in unison.
"you silly gooses play nose goes then"
"I'll count, 3...2...1...nwose gwoes!", i scream in my baby voice.

jax is faster then milly and gets to be knight. milly pouts and starts to cry. we all calm her down and have a group hug. then we ask our mommy's and daddy's if we could dress up and of course they said yes.

i was starting to feel my normal little age again.

everyone heads off to their special spots. the princess and unicorn in daddy and mommy's bedroom. the knight in my bathroom up stairs. the dragon on the steps and the evil witch in the kitchen.

i was dressed as a pretty princess with my tutu. nova had on a unicorn onesie. jax had tinfoil wrapped around him. the witch had a broom, a black sheet and a halloween hat. and finally the dragon had on a onesie too.

as i sat on the bed, i realized i never asked dada to change me. i still had a poopy butt. but right now all i wanted was playtime.

"comes swave me knight!", i yell and i hear foot steps from upstairs.
"rawr!", the dragon blows fire at the light as he gets down stairs.
"ahhhh!", the not so brave knight yells running. he stop, drops and rolls which makes me giggle.
"comes save the pwrincess, knight! oh no! here comes da evil witchy!", the unicorn gallops around the room.
"hehe! he's nevor gonna swave you! hehe!", she evil laughs.
"hwelp! hwelp!", i scream and the witch grabs me.

the unicorn stabs the witch with her horn but she gets back up. the knight runs into the room and fights off the witch. the fire breathing dragon burns the sword and his armor off.

"oh no! we're gonna die!", i yell.

the evil witch gets up from the ground and grab the unicorn.
"hehe! if you want unicorn back iz need you instead", she cackles.
"otay, takes me", i hold up me hands in surrender and get off the bed.

i give the knight and the unicorn the signal and they fight off the witch and dragon again. this time unicorn sits on both of them.

"hows bout you guys stops bein evil and join us! we cans be the adventure squad!", the knight asks.
"yeah!", the both of us say and the unicorn lets them up and we group hug.

the handsome and brave knight pulls me aside as everyone else leave the room.

"are yous otay, my princess?", the knight asks sitting next to me on the bed.
"yeps", i giggle.
"now we has an adventure squad!"
"yeah, tanks for savin me...hows cans i repay yous?", i bat my eye lashes.
"give me one of yours chicky nugs for lunch today"
"okay", i look at him and peck his lips.

he pulls away from me and wipes his mouth.

"eww! girls have cooties!", he yells running out the room and my eyes fill with tears.

daddy is standing at the door and saw everything.
"why'd you kiss him princess?"
"iz thought that what they do in da movies"
"princess, this isn't a movie and plus jax is gay"
"what da mean?"
"he likes princes not princess"
"ohhhh! oopies, i sworry dada", i pout.
"i'm not the one you should be apologizing to"
"no, iz don't wanna say sorry to him. he hwates me nows. save me daddy"
"i'll save the princess", he sighs and picks me up
"what's that smell?"
"uh, nofing", i giggle and wiggle in my wet diaper.
"ewww", he chuckles.

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