Rotta the Hutt

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Teth No POV

Anakin: too many Droids here for them to be renegades. I sense Count Dooku's or Wade's hand in this. Let's find Jabba's son and get outta here.

Ahsoka: no problem. The hard part's over.

Anakin: I wish you wouldn't say that.

Anakin, Ahsoka, Rex, and about 4 clones went inside the temple, it was dark so they turned on their helmet lights.

Rex: I don't like this place. It gives me the creeps.

Ahsoka: this looks like one of those B'omarr monk monasteries that I read about in my studies at the temple.

Anakin: smugglers take these monasteries over, turn them into their own personal retreats.

Ahsoka: and the monk just let them?

Anakin: smugglers usually get what they want one way or another.

They all heard a metallic rattle and they aim their lights at a protocol Droid with a Bug like head.

Ahsoka: good guy or bad guy, Master?

Anakin: who are you?

Bug head: merely the humble caretaker, O mighty sir. You have liberated me from those dreadful battle bots. I am most thankful.

Anakin: where is the Hutt?

Bug Head: the battle bots kept their prisoners on the detention level. I must warn you it is very dangerous down there, my friend. Not a place for a servant girl.

Ahsoka: do servant girls carry these?<lights her lightsaber> I am a Jedi Knight.<turns off lightsaber> or soon will be.

Bug Head: a thousand apologies, young one.

Anakin: Captain, we'll get the Hutt. Stay here and keep your eyes open.

Rex: copy that, sir.

Meanwhile, Ventress and Wade went into a room where there were several Super Battle Droids.

Ventress: they have taken the monastery, Master. Skywalker is here. He's on his way to rescue the Hutt.

Dooku:<hologram> well, done, you two. All is going according to plan.

Ventress: We could easily take them now.

Dooku:<hologram> patience. Collect the data I need. You will get your chance at revenge soon enough.

Wade: now we play the waiting game, I already have some new Droids on stand by in the dungeons. Dark Guard lend them to me.

Droid: Mistress, My Lord, the Jedi have entered the dungeons.


Anakin and Ahsoka walk by several cells and some new type of Droids walk behind them as they pass.

Anakin and Ahsoka walk by several cells and some new type of Droids walk behind them as they pass

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