Coffee Shop

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This isn't such a good short story, I admit it. But it was raining today and I was itching to write something. Plus, I wanted to post something new as well. So here it is. I'm not that happy with it but I enjoyed writing it while listening to the sound of the rain. x)

Hope you like it!


Coffee Shop

It was pouring outside; rain pelted down from the layers of dreary thickness and crashed onto the roofs of passing cars and umbrellas. The previously scorched road was covered with a thick layer of moisture, soaking up every drop of water. Once in a while, the sky lit up when lightning struck, followed by the occasional deafening roar.

I watched as drops of rain trickled down the window, and tapped on the surface every now and then. The lyrical music produced by the rain played like a symphony in my ears, as I listened to every note.

Enveloping the cup of coffee in my hands, I lifted it up and brought the tip to my lips to take a sip. The slightly hot liquid sent a wave of warmth through my body, making me snuggle into the comfy armchair.

I was sitting in an almost empty coffee shop with my laptop sitting on the table, waiting for me to get back to finishing my homework. The small corner shop was my favorite place to work on assignments as the tranquil atmosphere never let me down. The whiff of coffee and doughnuts was enough to clear my head and start the uncompleted tasks. It was so much better than studying in my shared dorm room or the filled up college library.

Just then, the door chimed as I lifted my eyes to get a glimpse of the new arrival. I almost spilled my drink when I realized who it was.

Gabriella Linx. The only girl who managed to take my breath away.

The first thing I noticed was that she was alone. Then, I perceived the fact that she was drenched from head to toe and shivering. I peered at her, my undivided attention rather conspicuous. Unzipping her tote bag, she took out her wallet in a peculiarly hasty fashion and wasted no time to pick the drink of her choice. When she turned to scan the shop for a place to sit, my natural reflexes kicked in. Absolutely flustered, I sat upright in my chair, and grabbed another book to cover my face, hence accidentally spilling my drink on the table and dropping a heavy book on the floor.

I groaned in vexation. As I bent down to pick up my book, I felt someone's eyes on me. Instinctively, I let my eyes wander to meet the ocean blue orbs. Those were the eyes I wanted to dissolve into; the eyes that got me all unnerved.

Promptly, Gabriella tore off her gaze to get her drink, making me come back to reality. I brought my hand up to smack my head and sat down just to sink into the armchair out of embarrassment. I didn't dare look up. I wasn't going to take any chances, so I practically buried my face in my laptop and book, shielding myself from the upcoming possible discomfiture I might bring.

I felt pathetic. I didn't even have the courage to greet her considering how it was the fifth time she had entered the shop in the past three weeks. Though in my defense, she always had company, and my shy, reticent personality didn't allow me to confabulate with her. To top it off, even though she stayed for about fifteen minutes only, she was an immense distraction for me.

I was aware of the fact that Gabriella knew about my crush on her. I had personally spilled out my feelings to her for a dare back in freshman year. It was beyond embarrassing when she told me she was taken. The thought of that very day made me want to hide beneath a pile of cushions.

I let the memory slide, though.

Peeking from behind my book, I watched as she chose the furthest corner and sat down. She appeared to be ignoring the puddle her damp clothes were creating on the floor. Her naturally golden hair was a shade darker due to the rain; strands of hair stuck to her petite face. Taking a sip of her drink, she turned her body slightly to look out the window, hence having her back facing me.

This was my chance. She was single, that much I knew, and most importantly, she was alone. I could have done it, I could have stood up and walked towards her.

For ten minutes, I shifted in my seat numerous times, trying to gather up the bravery. I could have packed my things to go sit with her. I could have bought her doughnuts. I could have sparked up a conversation. I could have kindled a friendship. I could have had done lots of things, but I didn't.

Instead, I had myself glued to the chair, refraining me from making a move. When she stood up and gathered her things, I could see my opportunity slipping away. When the doors chimed as she left, I ran my hands through my hair in defeat.

I had lost my chance.

I had given up before even trying. I led myself into believing that I wouldn't be able to carry out such a simple task. I had wanted to talk to her for so long but never got the chance to. But when opportunity was sitting at my door, I kicked it away.

Just then, something caught my eye. There was a piece of folded paper peeking out from under Gabriella's cup of coffee. Curious, I walked over and unfolded the piece of paper.

Charlie... call me?

My eyes widened in astonishment. She couldn't have, could she? I could hardly believe it. I flipped the piece of paper over, and sure enough, she had scribbled her number down next to the word 'coward'. I could hardly contain the exhilaration within me, and yet, I felt dopey for not being able to approach her first.

I had lost the battle and she had given me another chance. This time, I was going to be victorious.

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