The Italics are flashbacks and underlined stuff is breaking the fourth wall


 She's actually really cute when she sleeps, I think I should probably move her down so she's laying on the mattress and not laying on the wall. 

 Wait. Hold the phone. Did I just call Y/n cute? But, she's just my friend, I can't possibly like her. Okay, nevermind. I think have a crush on one of my best friends.

*End of Recap*

~Y/n's POV The next morning (7:15 am)~

The next morning I woke up to Peter lightly tapping my shoulder, "Ugh, Peter what time is it?" I ask while Peter pulls his phone out from his back pocket, "It's 7:15," Just as he had said that I practically jumped out of the bed, "Shit! Peter, why didn't you wake me up earlier?" I ask, "Y/n it's Saturday," Peter says "Oh. Thanks for letting me stay last night Peter," I say while sitting up "It was really no problem Y/n I had fun hanging out with you," he says as I stand up "I almost always have fun with you." He says "'Almost always?" I ask acting hurt, "I mean that sometimes we just don't share the same interests, like that one time that we snuck out of class the first day you came to school," "Oh, you still had fun sneaking out of class though!" I say with a small smirk, walking out of his room, picking up the car keys from the kitchen counter, and turned to Peter and said "Do you want to come out to the car with me Peter? I brought some extra clothes in a bag last night, so if I had stayed the night, I could change." 

"Sure I'll come with you," Peter said finding his crocs and throwing them on. Looking down at Peters crocs I ask, "What are those!" "Those are my crocs!" Peter said as I pulled on my shoes I began to tie them, unknowing that Peter was smiling at the vine reference that I had made, while I tied my shoes. Just as I had finished tying my shoes I stood up, and asked: "Are you ready to go to the car, Peter?" Instead of saying anything, Peter just nodded. Walking out of the door, the two of us then walked out of the apartment building and walked over to the car. Tossing the keys to Peter I then ask "Pop the trunk?" He quickly then popped the trunk letting me pull out my backpack, which I had packed and left there the night before. "Damn Y/n, are you just that prepared?" Peter asks, "Whenever I go anywhere for long periods of time, I always pack a bag," I say smirking. "Can we go inside now Peter, I want to change," I say closing the trunk as Peter throws me the keys. 

"Hey, Peter? After I change my clothes do you want to go on an adventure?" I ask as I open the door to Peter's apartment building. "What kind of adventure?" He asks as we beginning our decedent up to his apartment. "An adventure Peter. Did your Aunt May ever come home last night?" I ask "Yes she did, she actually woke me up right before she left to the store," He said. "Is she ever home?" I ask as I almost trip on one of the stairs, "Well, actually I think she keeps leaving because I brought a girl home," Peter said blushing. "Well, at least she would give you some privacy if I brought you to my house my parents would not leave us alone," I say letting out a small chuckle. But I couldn't stop my thoughts from wandering to my parents... 

"Y/n honey come downstairs we are leaving!" Mom yelled from downstairs, "Coming Momma," I say throwing my Ipad that I had been drawing on. Running down the stairs I slide on the railing falling into my parent's suitcases, knocking them over. "Oh Y/n are you okay?" My dad said rushing over to me laying in the pile of there suitcases. "Yeah, Dad I'm fine. Actually, that was really fun!" I say jumping up and launching myself into the air and landing on my feet. "I'm gonna miss you guys!"  I say practically tackling my parents. "Okay Y/n-can't breathe," My father said messing with me as I release them. "Be careful you guys," I say as they leave "We always are dear," My mother said waving as she and my dad drove away. Unknowing that this would be the last time they come home. 

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