Chapter 4

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Nathan woke up beside his still asleep twin redhead. He's never woke up so early, but he barely close his eyes all night.

There is an animal in the house, a big one, he thought as he rub his face. He walked to the bathroom took a shower and got dress, in a Royal blue skinny jeans, and a royal blue classic long sleeve button shirt.

That mysterious shadow was bugging him, he could not seat neither think. That's the fruit of curiosity.

He cracked the door opened, and tip toed in the hall, he stopped in front of the door.

His heart was racing and beating fasting trying to escape its rib as cage, as he grab the handle, gathering courage.

Nathan !

Ahhh ! He screamed quickly releasing the handle.

Why did you scream ? Ethan asked

Eth? I...uh...em nothing, he said panting.

Nothing ? And you left me alone ? You went somewhere without me ? You panting like you just saw a ghost and you say nothing ?! Ethan half yelled.

Am sorry Ethan I'll tell everything I swear, but let's go to our room this place is not save. He said as he pulled Ethan's wrist and the entered their room. Nathan shut the door.

First am sorry for all. Yesterday I woke up in the middle of the night due to a sound, I followed it and it lead to that door, it was cracked opened, so I peeped and saw a shadow, it look like an animal's. He ended.

Do you think am ganna believe that ? Ethan asked crossing his arms and huffing.

You must believe me ! Am your twin ! Nathan half yelled.

Then prove me you're right, said Ethan as he stomped out.

Eth ! Nathan called out but he's brother just ignored him. He fell on his knees and sobs.
Ethan had never behaved like this, he believed all what he said. But today he just ignored him.
He curled into a ball an cry.

Minster ? Weston called softly approaching the crying boy.

Nathan stood up turning his back on Weston as he cleaned his eyes.
Then he turn to face Weston.

Minster are you alright ? He asked once again

Yeah, what do you want ? Nathan sniffed cleaning his eyes.

Your breakfast, he said

I'll be down soon just give me a moment, Nathan replied.

Weston nodded leaving. Nathan sat on the bed just thinking. His mother was missing him, his aunt his town everything. Then he walk to the dinning room.

Ethan was seating on one of the arm less dark red royal chair. Nathan sat across him. Then their emotionless handsome father walked in, with his so call secretary.

Nathan dare not look his eyes, he just look at his plate as the maid serve the food. Meat !

They don't eat meat, they're vegetarians !

But how would they explain it to their father ?!

I can't eat this ! Ethan push the plate, sinking in his chair.

What ? Weston asked and Nathan notice the expression of their father changed.

Ethan stop that ! Nathan mind link Ethan.

What ?! Hope you didn't forget we are vegetarians ! Ethan mind link back.

We're no longer living with aunt Mirabel ! He'll punish you ! Nathan half yelled still mind linking.

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