5 - The Last Philosopher

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Title: The Last Philosopher

Author: NickfEast

Chapters: 120 posted, 22 read

So, I'm going to say this right away as a disclaimer: I have reviewed this book once before, and I tried not to repeat things, but a bit of this is repeated from my last review.

So, first off, loved Dick the black-hole, and honestly all of the comedy. It's all very good dry wit, and a ton of it lands exceptionally well. I loved the bit where you described Lug's "ceremonial purple pajamas" (I'm not calling him by his sorcerer name, it's too long). Lug's chapter and the black hole we're definitely the best bits of comedy, but I also enjoyed when Hershel was talking to "himself" and that is every answer when he was going to leave Agalaland was "I don't know".

However, as much I loved Dick and the other characters for their comedy potential, as far as characters, I wasn't really a fan because I wasn't able to connect with any of them. And that's a huge problem in a story with so many of them. The only ones whose names I remember are Hershel and Dick the black hole. And I guess Lug, but that's not even the name he goes by in the story. None of them have any compelling motivations or personalities, and beyond the Warden, none of them are driven by anything.

However, I loved the writing. You do a very good job of describing things, settings especially, and it all flowed very nicely. You also have a very good grasp of vocabulary, and none of the writing ever felt redundant.

However, I can't say the same for your dialogue. This is another story where all the dialogue serves exposition, and there's a lot of exposition in this story. As much as I loved Dick, the rest of the chapter is pure exposition, and honestly it wasn't very engaging or interesting to read about. Most of the time, half the chapter was devoted to exposition, and it created some really weird pacing.

I don't know where this is going. Like the plot is kinda just all over the place, and I don't know what the point of any of this is. Herschel escaped, sure, okay. But what does that have to do with Lug? Or Dick? I'm sure this will be explained later, but the lack of cohesion early on was indicative of my biggest problem with this book:

I wasn't engaged. Like, at all. The entire time I was just wondering when I'd read far enough that I could put the book down and write my review. I'm a fan on expansive fantasy worlds, but this one just didn't have the characters or plot to back up it's interesting world.  

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