A Fevered Mind

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I woke up with a pounding headache, almost disoriented as I placed a sweaty palm upon my forehead. The warmth of it made me jerk back as I struggled to sit up in the bed. "No, I cant be sick not today." I cry as William wakes up beside me. I was seeing things, delusions that left me shivering under the covers as I curled into myself. William sat up and turned to me, staring at me with a smirk lurking. "You look cute when youre sick," said a nonchalant William as he leaned and placed a hand on my forehead. "Burning up, thats not good. Stay here I'll get the cook to make you something soft for breakfast." He said as he jumped out of bed, pausing at the door. "You're correct, my throat is sore, thanks." I say as I fell back on the bed, no longer able to hold myself up. He left in a hurry while I succummed to the visions of a sick woman. "M-mom, why are you crying?" I asked a woman kneeling on the ground beside my bed. Yet when I opened my eyes the woman was no longer there.

I spazzed in and out in a continuous fevered state, moments of relief brought on by sweats. "Royal sit up, I've brought you some chicken stock soup that'll help your throat." Someone said as I struggled to sit up in my bed, grimacing at the damp covers. "Could she have been cursed?" Someone asked as I looked down at the metal bowl, half full of a golden liquid that shimmered in the light of the room. "It could be possible but who would do such a thing? She is such a sweet girl..." The conversation fades as I lift the spoon to my mouth, taking a sip of the stock to find that it was very good. I have half of it gone when I feel a presence beside me. I look to the right and see an old woman beside me, drab in all white with a basket of herbs, their smell perforating the air.

"Dont worry dear, I am not a figment of your imagination. I was sent here by young William to heal your fever and find the root of its cause." She said as she places a hand on my cheek. "Hot, you been experiencing lucid dreams ive heard. Has anyone given you any pink colored plants for you to consume?" She asked as I tried to think back. "I ate a salad in the dining hall that had pink looking lettuce in it." I whispered as the old woman placed a tonic to my lips for me to drink. "That would be acreanosris. Quite lethal in larger ammounts but it looks as if someone only wanted to give you a fever." She sayed as she stepped back to look at me. "The fever should diminish in a couple of minutes, then you'll be on your way. I'll leave more tonic with your just in case you have moments of muscle weakness." She said as she packs up her herbs. "If you ever need me just say my name, its Salina." She said as she disappeared through the open door of my room. I sat there thinking as William walked inside, sitting beside me. "Ive brought the local doctor for you. He says he can help with your fever." He said as he sat down beside me. "A healer has already stopped by to see me. She healed me. The salad I ate yesterday was laced with a pinkish plant that causes fevers and delusions." I said as the doctor stepped inside. "I'm healed, doctor. Thank you for giving the time and consideration to visit me." I said as he walked back out. "How did she walk in? Ive been here at the door the whole time." He asked me as he places a kiss upon my brow. "I dont know but you must believe me. She even gave me more tonic jist in case I have muscle weakness, see!" I said as I handed over the medicine. "I believe you, love. I'm just glad you are feeling better. Mother was aking for you but heeded the word of the doctor just in case it happened to be contagious." He said as he helped me out of the bed. I stumbled over to a window and looked outside at the lush land before me. "Everything is so.... green." I said as the sun shines down upon it. "Everything has been since your magic touched it yesterday. They're calling you the Miracle Princess. Not only did you heal the land and plants, you healed everything that walked upon it, everything in this kingdom." He said as his arms encircled me from behind. "I cant believe it. It felt almost like a dream." I muttered as a bird landed on the window's edge before me. "You better believe it, princess. You have me to contend with now. Lets get dressed so we can go down and eat with my parents." He said as he helped me step into an evening dress of a pale blue. I pinned my hair up in a careless bun only to hear William laugh behind me. "What?" I asked him, turning around to see him looking at my hair. "Leave it down, it looks like a dead dog." He snickers, eyes wifening with suprise as I piunced on him and tickled him until he cried for mercy. "Go see for yourself then." He said as he pointed towards the low hanging mirror. I ran over and let out a gasp, seeing how terrible it looked then let out a laugh. "You're right." I said as I took it down and sprayed hair spray in it. "There we go, I believe that'll do it. Now that I'm done lets go and meet your parents. We need to officially announce that we are matched." I said as I walked over and grabbed his hand. "Today is our first official day. Kinda exciting, isnt it? I feel as if I know everything about you." William said as he stood up and hugged me. "Blue is a good color on you.  Id like to see it on you a lot more." He said as he lead me out of the double doors. "Now lets go and meet my parents.... Again." He said. I looked down at our entwined hands as we worked our way down the swooping stair to the dining room, where his parenrs were eating. "Mom, dad, good morning." William said as he pulled a chair out for me. "Good evening young ones. Sit down and eat as much as you can. Royal, I hope you feel much better." Our Queen said as we loaded our plates, talking about random subjects until the king interrupted. "Well, you're going to have another sibling running around here soon." He says, causing William to choke on the bacon he was eating. "Wh- what?" He asked as I patted his back. "Your mother is pregnant, William. You're going to have a little brother or sister running around." I said with a smirk. "Oh, we are going to have your birthday celebration tomorrow." The King said to William.

Somebody is getting old.

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