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"Is this the real life? Or is it just a fantasy?"

F R E D D I E  M E R C U R Y


P.O.V Rose Elizabeth Loras

When Harry told me we were going to Miami in his private jet, I almost threw up. I had never travelled by plane before and I couldn't be more nervous about it. Harry was making fun of me when I didn't even want to enter in the jet, since I was too scared. Just the thought of being I don't know how many feet in the air, made my heart stop. It could be my last minutes alive and Harry found it a funny moment.

When the plane took off I closed my eyes so tightly that I got a headache. I wish I could close my ears as well, so I wouldn't hear Harry's laughs and mean comments. When we were in the air, after a few minutes I relaxed a little, but I wasn't brave enough to get up from my seat.

Really, I wanted to know badly how did Harry manage to work calmly in his laptop while we had a good chance to die. The way he acted looked like it was one more regular day in the sky. How could he be that calm?

In about one hour we landed in Miami and, once again, while we were landing I looked like I was about to die. Harry, on the other hand, just looked at me amused and annoyingly relaxed.

I was in a rush to get out of the plane and so, as soon as the plane touched the ground and stopped I got up from my seat and ran towards the door. Harry told me I had to wait, making me pout. But when we finally were able to leave, the door opened and I descended the stairs immediately. I felt like kissing the ground when my feet touched the firm soil.

Two black cars were waiting for us and apparently one was for our luggage and the other was for me and Harry. The drive was silent and I felt asleep, even though it was like 7 p.m. After a few minutes, Harry woke me up because we were almost arriving. I looked throw the window and examined Miami's views until we finally arrived to our hotel.

It was one of those expensive hotels we only see in the internet, close to the beach, with more than one big pool, gardens and jacuzzis. The inside was just as beautiful as the outside, making me open my mouth in disbelief. Maybe being here is not that bad...

I was surprised when the lady from the check in asked Harry if he wanted the usual suite. He had been here before... Oh, okay. It's not that surprising now that I think about it. Harry travels all the time, as I used to see him in the magazines back in Long Island.

We went to the elevator as soon as Harry payed and the men we were carrying our language went after us. I realized that Harry's suite was in the last floor, which he explained me by saying the room had two floors and a private pool, more like a penthouse.

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