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"Ow! Ow! J-justin!!" Shawn cried out as his posterior was currently being flamed up by Justin's firm palm. He was caught yet again in Justin's phone reading his text messages. Justin had warned him numerous times about going through his private stuff with a warning swat here and there. It was quite obvious that talking to the teen wasn't getting through to him.

Justin simply ignored Shawn's yelps as he continued the stinging smacks onto the seat of Shawn's bottom. Shawn twisted his torso and wiggled his hips to get away from the smacks but Justin's hand seemed to land successfully each and every time. Shawn yelled out in pain as tears streamed down his face.

"I'm hoping that this is getting your attention. You aren't to go into my private stuff." Shawn nodded as his tears now became more audible than the silent ones that were pouring down his face before. 

"Yes sir!"

Shawn closed his eyes against the stinging pain on his backside and simply cried, giving from even kicking his legs at this point. After a few more stinging smacks, Justin withdrew his hand from spanking his brother and placed it on Shawn's lower back, lifting his hoodie up slightly to expose his bare back.

Shawn laid his head on the pillow and cried, his knuckles were white from gripping the sheets so harshly. Justin had pity on his brother as he continued to rub his back in slow, smooth circles to get the knots out. 

After a few minutes, Shawn's crying got lighter as he began to calm down. "I d-don't like getting spanked." he mumbled silently as Justin gave his bottom another small smack. Shawn winced and whined, covering his brief protected backside. 

"I don't like it when you go through my text messages, yet here we go again." Justin sighed and paused the mid rub down on his brother's back to lift him up in a sitting position on his lap. Shawn wrapped his arm around his brother and leaned on his shoulder, sniffling quietly.

"Why do you keep doing that?" Justin looked down at his brother who simply shrugged out an answer. 

"I don't know.."

Justin rolled his eyes and lifted his brother's chin. "Since you don't know, you're gonna get your butt busted each time I catch you doing it. Understand?" Justin threatened with a specific tone of voice. Shawn looked at him fearfully and nodded, burying his face into his big brother's shoulder. Justin sighed once again and wrapped his arms around Shawn, rocking him gently.

Justin didn't understand some of the sneaky behaviors his brother had. As a young child, Justin wasn't necessarily an angel - in fact, far from it. However after a few spankings from his brother, he often derailed from the behavior because he knew what to expect. Shawn was different in a lot of ways, he knew the consequences but seemingly wants to take chances with the punishments he will receive. 


Justin was pulled out of his thoughts suddenly when his brother called his name. When he looked down, Shawn was twiddling his thumbs and mumbling quietly to himself. Justin pecked his brother's cheek and smiled softly. "What's up?"

"I know the reason I kept looking at your messages," he replied in a whisper. Justin was amused at his brother's behavior. 

"You do?"

"Uh huh."

"Well, tell me." Justin pulled Shawn closer in his arms, allowing him to lean his head onto his shoulder with Justin still continuing to rock him gently. Shawn sat there for a moment before he built up enough courage to be honest with Justin.

"I was making sure that you weren't going to get rid of me." Shawn mumbled quietly. Justin's eyes widened slightly at his brother's confession and his heart sank slightly.

"Why would I get rid of you, kiddo?" he asked and Shawn's eyes began to get a little glossy. 

"Don't cry, answer me." He murmured in his ear before kissing the side of it tenderly, he wrapped his fingers around Shawn's and hugged him, making sure that his brother had a strong but soft security blanket.

"I d-don't know, every day I just get worried that you're tired of raising me and that you're going to--" Justin cut Shawn off by kissing his face, primarily his eye which made Shawn wince and then giggle.

"I need you to get that idea out of your head, I've told you numerous times that you aren't going anywhere until you're healthy, happy and ready to venture on your own. You're my baby brother, and you're going to stay with me for now, you hear?" Justin tickled Shawn's side and Shawn laughed, trying to stifle his laughter but Justin continued to attack him with tickles.

"S-stop! I'm gonna pee!" Shawn exclaimed in a giggly tone, Justin stopped and laid backwards really fast with his brother in his arms, making Shawn laugh more.

"I love ya kiddo. Remember that," Justin murmured as he snuggled his brother close. 

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