Chapter Fifty One

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"Good morning, baby!" I said as soon as I woke up and looked at my stomach. I kissed my man's cheek and then stood up. I went to the kitchen and made breakfast. I was hungry and the little one in me wasn't helping. It was an eater. I smiled as I rubbed my stomach.

"Hey, baby! How are you today?! Did you sleep well?!" I asked and smiled in return. I chuckled and continued, "Mommy loves you. I am really happy to have you and now we gotta cook breakfast for us and daddy. He is sleeping in today, I guess."

Yesterday, Malik slept a little later than usual. I felt his eyes on me even when I was sleeping. I smiled to myself. I could also feel his hand on my stomach which made me feel that he was talking to the little one.

"Did you enjoy your time with Daddy yesterday?! You stayed up for quite sometime," I said as I gave it a small rub. I then flipped the omelet and put it in a plate. I was too hungry to do anything else. I ate it and then started making Malik a one and some bacon because he loved it.

"I am so excited to meet you, baby. I promise that I will try my best and be the best mom you can ever ask for. Just name whatever you want and I will make sure to get it," I said and then smiled. My baby will be spoiled.

I knew that Malik won't allow that if it was a boy. Malik wouldn't allow me to spoil gin as much as I was sure he wanted his son strong but if it was a girl, I was pretty sure that Malik would spoil her even more than needed and in that case I would have to be firm and strong.

"Good morning, beautiful," I heard a voice whispering in my ear as I felt two arms being warped around me. I relaxed into the touch feeling home. He pulled me in and then kissed my cheek. I turned and peaked his lips. He smiled and then put his hand on my stomach.

"Hey, little one, how are you?!" Malik asked and I giggled kissing his cheek. He smiled and then said, "I love both of you."

"We love you too," I said and he pressed our noses together. I was happy and satisfied with the little family that I was having. I had a baby growing in me as I was in my man's arms. Wow! I was blessed.

"Now you have to eat," I said as I pushed him to a chair. I put his plate on the table and then he smirked as he saw the bacon. He smiled at me and kissed my cheek. He started eating with a smile looking at me every now and then.

"Have you eaten?!" He asked and I nodded. He smiled and then pulled me close to him. He put a piece of bacon for me to eat and I slowly ate it.

"What did you eat?!" He asked and I smiled and replied.

"And you call that enough?! Girl, you're pregnant and that's my kid, you either eat well or I will force you myself," he said as he continued feeding. I denied but with Malik there is no winning. He started feeding me and then he said, "I will cook you something for lunch."

I looked at him surprised but nodded with excitement. I hugged him and he carried me to the living room. I was practically sitting on him and he never seemed to mind.

"Baby girl, I was talking to Mera and...." He trailed off and I hugged him looking at him with my whole attention and focus.

"She said that we need to check in with a doctor," he said and I nodded. I knew that already. I wanted my son or daughter to be healthy and I would kill for that.

"Okay," I said as I held into him. He smiled and kissed my forehead. He pulled me closer and then said, "Baby, I wanna ask you something."

"Sure," I said and he kissed my forehead. I grew nervous because of the look that he was giving me. It didn't set me comfortable.

"Why did you think that I wouldn't accept you and our baby?!" He asked and I immediately knew that my idiotic friend opened her mouth. I knew mom wouldn't say anything like that.

"I was just anxious, I know that it was wrong and I know that you love me, but you didn't show any signs of wanting this and I didn't know and I was not sure and....." He cut me by pressing his lips on mine. I was paranoiding.

"It's okay," he said as soon as he let my lips go but I knew deep down that he was hurt.

"I'm sorry," I whispered. My eyes were filled with tears fighting to be set free. He kissed my forehead assuring me that it was perfectly fine. I was still sad though. I pulled him tighter to me and then he said, "I have always dreamed about this."

I looked at him surprised but wore a smile nonetheless. He saw that and continued saying, "I have always dreamed about having you in my arms while carrying a piece of me. I didn't show you that because I didn't want you to feel weird and of course, I didn't see it coming this quickly, but now that I have this dream as a reality, I realize that now is the perfect time. We will shower it with love forever and we will always have each other's back. He is ours and we are his. We starter this together and we will finish it till they end together."

"Yes, we will," I said as I kissed his cheek. A tear escaped my eye at his speech. It made me feel way better. I have always wanted to have a family as a kid and knowing that it was with Malik made it thousand of times better. I kissed his cheek again and took his hand and put it on my stomach.

"I love you," I said and he smiled and kissed my lips. He repeated the same words and then I said, "Wait! You said a he?! How did you know?!" .

"I didn't. I just want it to be a he. Don't get me wrong, I would love it unconditionally even if it was a girl but I want a boy. If you want a girl, you have to make more," he said and I blushed my eyes going wide. I didn't see that coming. Malik wanting more kids?!

"Yeah, don't say that you expected be to settle on one or even two, no miss soon to he Mrs. O'brien, I am not accepting anything less than three," he said and I giggled. He smiled and then kissed my forehead. I was happy to have him and I sure was one lucky woman.

"He is our first but never our last," he said and kissed my lips. I smiled and kissed him back. We sat together and then we decided to watch a movie, but half way through the movie, Malik's phone rang. He picked it up and as soon as he did his face went pale and serious.

He started yelling and I was scared. I was worried so I paused the movie and looked at him. He was stressed. I walked to him and warped my arms around him pulling myself into his chest.

"Okay, whatever!" He said and ended the call.

"What's wrong?!" I asked and then he looked down at me.

"You won't like this," he said with sorrow in his voice and I gave him a confused look.

"I am sorry, I really did my best," he apologized and I hugged him tight. A single tear left his eyes as he said, "I am sorry, baby girl, but Alex and Derek murdured your dad!"

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