Chapter 3

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Miracle POV

"Chocolate you on in 2 minutes," Tony my boss spoke.

I touched up my makeup then got ready.

"Freak freak freak nasty"

The music played as I made my way to the pole.

"Go a couple rounds, leave that dick up in a casket
I ain't wanna take the nigga from you, it just happened
You know I ain't cum boy, if you had to ask me
Freak, freak, freak nasty
Lick on my hand, then I put it in his pants
Get to playing with that cock and make that motherfucker bam!
And I walk and I talk like a pimp, 'cause I am"

I squatted in from of a guy and started twerking as he dug his face in my face. Then I dropped into a slit making my cheeks move on their own time.

Cash was flying from different directions to me.   The Dj got on the mic


I smirked as a man started dripping chocolate syrup on my body as I twerked on stage.

The crowd went wild as they do every time. Afterwards I went to the dressing room to change.

Chris POV

"Yo isn't that.....what's her name?" Red frowned.

"Who?" I frowned as I took a seat.

"The burnt bitch from school"

I looked over to see Miracle walking over to the bar with a mini dress on.

My dick switched at the sight of  her. Ion know what happened with her pussy and Cj but....his behind needs to chill out...I ain't fuckin that no more.

"Aye Miracle over here," August smiled.

"You Actually know her name," hoody asked laughing.

August smacked his lips, "duhh I took almost every class with her"

She walked over with a drink in her hand.

"Hey miracle," August hugged her.

"Hey Aug," she smiled.

Sooo...when did they become cool for her to call him "Aug"?

"What you doing here?"

"Oh nothing j-

"Chocolate Bossman wanna see you," she chick walked over.

"Lil mama lookin fine as fuck," hoody mumbled staring at Miracle.

" was good seeing you guys," she smiled about to walk off.

August quickly pulled her back, "hey were having a party this should swing through"

"I'll think about it," she walked off.

"Nope I don't approve," I shook my head at August.


"You like her don't you"

"Hell Naww she's good know Chris I don't discriminate against my matter the tone"

I smacked my lips at her, "I came her to see some here to see some ass NOT talk about bullshit," I stood up and walked closer to the stage.


Miracle POV

"Blessing PLEASE come with me," I begged her.

"No...I have work in the morning"

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