I can't help but think about Addison doing to Bryant what she had just done to me. The thought alone is enough to send a shiver up my spine considering I hate knowing one of my students has also done things with my girl.

Especially the one sitting in front of the two of us right now.

"The keg stand is out there, not in here," Addison says giving him an expected look.

"Yeah but then I remembered I left one of my favorite watches here," he says immediately beginning to scan the room. "And I didn't see you out there so I figured you were in here."

My jaw clenches at his words. I know I shouldn't feel this tightening in my stomach but him sitting here and openly talking about leaving something the last time they were here together is enough to make me practically sick to my stomach.

"Oh right," Addison says seeming to remember as well. "I have it in my closet."

As she steps towards her closet, I can't help but notice just how comfortable Bryant looks in here. In fact, you'd think he was in his own room he's that comfortable.

I just want him to get his damn watch so he can leave.

"You also left one of your shirts here," Addison says mostly to herself as I attempt to keep my cool. "Want it now or do you want to come back for it?"

"You can keep it," Bryant says waving her off only pissing me off further. I don't think either of them notice just how uncomfortable this conversation is making me and I truly don't know what to think of it.

Addison doesn't say anything as I hear her fumbling around in the closet. I contemplate stepping out of the room considering I have no idea what to say or do in this moment. Should I even be in here?

"I like the new look Hemmings," Bryant says making me look at him. "You look edgier."

I just crack a smile considering he's still my student and he seems to be talking to me as if I'm one of his pals. Sure I don't need him to address me as if we're in a classroom but I also don't want him to think he can act as if I'm one of his buddies.

"Thank you," is all I say.

"All the girls in class won't stop talking about you," Bryant says swiveling around in Addison's chair.

I don't say anything considering that's irrelevant to me. If for some odd reason, they do keep their eyes on me longer than usual, it doesn't phase me. The only person's attention I want, I already have.

"What struck the new look anyway?" Bryant asks me.

I shrug my shoulders, not wanting to tell him all the guys practically made me change my look for Addison. Especially because I don't doubt Addison and I would still be where we are today even if I hadn't changed. However, I do think it changed things between the two of us in a better way.

"Guess I just wanted to change things up a bit."

"One hell of a change," Bryant laughs.

I have no intentions of responding and luckily I don't need to as Addison steps out of her closet with the watch in hand. She tosses it to Bryant and he catches it with ease.

"You know," Bryant starts causing Addison and I to exchange looks. "I would be disappointed you have a new guy in your life, but it is one hell of a upgrade."

I can't help but snort at this as Addison laughs and rolls her eyes playfully, "Go out there and have fun Bry."

Bryant luckily gets the hint as he stands up and puts his hands up in defense. I can't help but be appreciative that he's not the typical asshole ex hook up that's trying to ruin things between the two of us. He seems to handle the situation a lot better than most and doesn't plan on causing on problems.

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