Seen Out of Sight

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(Y/N) is at the kitchen and checks the refrigerator.

(Y/N): Hm. Almost out of groceries. I would have to take a quick trip to the store.

He goes to write down a list of groceries on the sticky note and he changes into some street clothing. When he is near the front door. He closes his eyes and takes a big deep breath. He grasps the door knob and turns it. The door opens as (Y/N) steps outside and looks left and right. He musters up all of his courage as he closes the door and drives to the grocery store.

(Scene Change) 

During his walk, the atmosphere was quite calm as (Y/N) sees citizens occupying the sidewalks. He gives a small sigh of relief as he just appeared at the grocery store. 

(Scene Change)

(Y/N) has a cart with two cartons of eggs, 8 water jugs, grapes, strawberries, bananas, spinach, mushrooms, Doritos, Munchies, Coconut flavored Popsicle box, Pork loin chops, Chicken Breast, orange and apple juice, and some Spinach Dip. He is seen already paying for everything as he goes outside and sees it was cloudy and was snowing a little bit.

 (Y/N): Huh. Weird. 

He then goes to his car as opens the trunk and stores the groceries inside. He shuts it close and returns his used cart and he goes to the driver's seat. He starts the engine and drives back home, but what didn't notice, is that a certain dark gray haired girl was watching him from behind a wall of the grocery store with piercing icy blue eyes while she was holding a fan covering the lower half of her face.

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