Chäptër Twënty-Nïnë

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Cayden's P.O.V

My blood was raging so loudly I could hear it rushing in my ears and could even see it tinting my vision in a crimson film. Me and Dominic both wrestled against the many arms that had us restrained, but there were too many. Even for me.

Four men gripped onto each other my arms while two others wrapped my torso.

The maid --Faith I believe-- screamed for her friend while writhing against the men that held her to the tree. One even had the audacity to shove her when she tried to reach for Eva.

Dominic flinched before turning and glancing over at me with his own fury.

I pulled against the men once more when a woman stepped towards her wounded form. I could see and smell the blood soaking through her thin dress and my wolf was on full alert, his teeth barred and his fur raised as he pushed the length of my mind.

Get to mate. She is harmed.

No shit. I'm trying but they keep increasing the men. They're not human.

I replied, my eyes flicking over the annoying men. I now had nine on each arm.

Let me out, I can assist.

Not yet, we mustn't let them know who we are yet.

I don't give a damn human, let me out. Mate is dying and I really like mate. She dies, you die.

Alright idiot, one, her name is Eva. And second, if I die, so do you. And I don't intend to let her die anyways. Nowhere close.

He grew silent and I moved my focus back onto the situation ahead. Sometimes I forgot he wasn't human, but the more animalistic version of myself.

But I did agree with him. I wouldn't get Evangeline get killed. Not anytime soon.

The woman strode forward and bent down in front of Eva, her inky black hair falling over her shoulder in waves. Her ebony skin glowed in the shine of the moon and I observed her tattoos that lined her arms.

Based on her outfit, walking pattern and tattoo symbolism, I believed she was a tribal, one of the humans that wandered the wilderness. They killed to "survive" and then they turned and traded what they killed or stole to the highest bidder.

Eva writhed against the ground, her hands pressed to the protruding arrow. I couldn't believe this happened. I needed to get to her.

Let me out damn it.


He growled low at me and I couldn't help but feel the same anger. I had to see what this woman wanted though.

But as soon as I saw her grab the rock that rested next to Eva, my heart spiked and my blood was pumping.

Now. NOW.

I obliged willingly, letting his anger take over my form and let him completely outside of my mind.
After a few moments, the men were slung from my arms like bugs, and I was instantly free. Not quick enough though for the rock that the woman brought down onto Angels skull.

My vision tinted red and suddenly everyone around became wrapped up in an anger fueled whirlwind of my creation.

Bodies were slung to left while others were thrown to the right in a satisfying crunch.

The girl next to Eva was now pressed against the tree by her neck, my face only inches from hers as I growled threateningly.

She gasped and clawed at my fist, her large brown eyes bulging.

"Cayden! Let her be! These are the Purpura Ira Warriors! The tribe we were looking for." Dominic stated, his eyes flicking to the dripping fire tattoo on the girls arm.

I froze but didn't release my grip.

"So why did she attack?" I ground out.

"She didn't know it was us," he looked over to the woman and raised his briws. "Eretria, it's me, Dominic. I came like I said I would."

Her bulging eyes flicked to Dominic and they widened more than they already were.

"Dom- Dominic?"

He nodded at her reassuringly and gestured for me to let her go.

I did so reluctantly, slowly pulling away and then rushing over to Evangeline's body, like I had suddenly remembered she was there.

I hit my knees beside Faith who was already trying to pull the arrow. My hand whipped out and gripped hers harshly.

"Don't pull it out, you'll only make her bleed out faster. We have to snap it off."

She looked at me with confusion, so I swatted her hands away and moved my fingers over to the wood of the arrow. As soon as I touched it, I saw her flinch beneath me and my anger was even darker than before.

I snapped the wood like a twig in my fingers before lifting her into my arms.
Faith stood with me and we rushed towards Dominic and Eretria. "She needs immiediate medical attention. And you better have the best there is on this side of the woods or I'll make sure your life ends a lot faster than you wish it too." I growled out, my voice dark and husky.

"Medical? We are a tribe, but we don't have anything but herbs--"

A growl tore from my lips and I stepped forward threateningly when Dominic instead stepped in front of me, looking at me with suprisingly soft eyes.

This bitch wanted to knock out my mate and possibly give her a concussion and then tell me she had to way no cure her?

Faith stood behind me while squeezing Eva's hand, her big eyes flicking between us two.

"Cayden, I can heal her. We just need to get to their camp. I swear, I want her safe just as much as you."

I looked into his grey eyes and felt a sick feeling behind to unwind when I realized he was being honest. He cared for her as well. Almost too much.

I ground my teeth, and looked down at my shoes before focusing on not squeezing her to death.

Dominic nodded at my slight obedience before rushing over to the horse that belonged to Eva and hopping on, not thinking before pulling Faith up behind him.

I felt a slight twinge of jealousy. I wanted Angel to hop up behind me, safe and in my arms. Instead she was incredibly pale and still. Too still.

I followed suit and pushed us into Arions saddle, helping guide her legs to straddle the leather and lean back against me.

She groaned in pain, but didn't open her eyes.

I spurred Arions sides and followed Dominic, who was following Eretria. Hopefully towards her camp.

We followed them for what seemed like forever before warm campfire light caught my eye.
I pushed Arion faster past Doninic and Faith, and even past Eretria in the circle of tribes members.

Arion hadn't even stopped moving when I jumped from the saddle with Eva in my arms. I rushed towards the closest tent with Dominic and Faith on my tail.

I blew through the thick white sheet and looked around frantically for a flat surface to lay Eva on when I saw someone who made me freeze.

There across the dimly lit tent stood Yvetta, the witch I had gone to for help. My ex lover.


Drama and near death experiences!!!!
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