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Dawn POV

I sighed in relief as I stared at everyone having fun with no stress. It's been a year since the final war and I was so relieved that we finally got rid of the threat.

The news of what happened went far and wide among all supernatural beings and it served as a warning to those who would try to be against me. People started coming to from alliance with me knowing it is better to have me in your side than against you.

"Her Majesty Queen Dawn Cole." I heard the announcer call and I stepped out of the double doors and walked towards my throne.

Today was the mating ball and they were waiting for me to give the announcement to start the party.

"Well we all look happy." I said teasingly looking at teenagers who looked eager to start the search of their mate. Before they can find their mate on this day, the full moon has to be on its peek.

"I am so happy that we have nothing to worry about again, this time last year, all that was on my mind was how to defeat the rogue and now the only thing I can think about is where the hell is my brothers birthday cake." I said making everyone laugh but I was actually serious. I mean why haven't I seen the cake yet. "I am so glad and I am very joyous that we are all here to witness another mating ball and another birthday of my big brother. Now I can see the eager looks on your faces and I wouldn't want to keep anyone from their mates. So as not to keep the mate searching on hold, let's quickly cut the cake and move on."

The cake was brought out and cut immediately after wishing Blake a happy birthday. I took a very large piece and went to seat on my throne.

I smiled as new couples came to me for blessing which made me blush. They feel like since I was half goddess they needed my blessing but I knew telling them that is my mothers work.

I felt a presence beside me and I turned to looked at Lucifer my naughty cousin. He had been coming to visit a lot now and he told me how they had handled the rogue. I was disgusting.

"Here to find your mate?" I asked smirking.

"Maybe." He said shrugging "It gets lonely in the underworld you know."

I smiled at him "Why don't you just stay up here, everyone loves you and I'm sure you will find your mate as well. Don't you get tired of your parents constant yuckiness?" I asked.

Lucifer chuckled "I will think about it Cuz. I gotta go, duty calls."

He kissed my cheek the disappeared just as Grayson appeared.

"What are you sitting alone, let's go dance." He said before pulling me to the dance floor

I danced and danced. I laughed and had fun thinking back to when it all began. Grayson pulled me towards him and kissed me with a happy smile on his face.

I smiled and remembered when we first met, it wasn't pleasant but here we are now, as happy as we can get with our first child on the way. Twins to be exact but he doesn't know that yet.

My children are werewolves like they should be, I was right when I said I was the only hybrid in my family.

My parents on the other hand along with Derrick, Sarah and Aj were at Italy when I spoke to them last .

I can't wait for my own princess to grow up so I can also travel around the world with my mate.

I knew this happiness was for life cause even if there was a challenge, I had the best family who would support me through it all.

"Are you happy?" Grayson asked as he wrapped his arms around me.

I looked up at him then looked at everyone, the adults where joking around and kids were in their own world.

"I'm perfect, I wouldn't change it for the world."

That's it people!!! Dawn is finally over. After this while, I finally completed it and it's all thanks to you guys.

Thank you for reading a staying with me through this wonderful journey, now I can focus my other stories. Thank you so much guys, I love you.


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