Chapter 2

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"Umm... isn't Agramon a boy?"
Simon should have thought of something wittier to say. Jace would have thought of something witty, he thought.
Out of all He things he could have said, he had to say something so...clueless.
Then, Naomi burst out laughing. "I assure you Simon, I am a girl. Just because I was one of the Nine Princes of Hell doesn't mean I'm a boy."
Simon didn't know what to say to that either.
He needed to come up with more witty responses.
"Will you do it?" Simon asked. "Give me my memories back?"
"Of course I will." She smirked. "So, you in?"
"Umm...sure." And Simon couldn't think of anything witty that time either.

Authors Note:

Sorry I haven't added on in a while, I have writers block right now.

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