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Grayson Pov

I couldn't wait for this war to end and just stay cuddled with my mate in bed, maybe I will ask her to let Phoenix take over cause it's been long since I spent time with my little vampire. Mystic is always naughty, I spend time with her a lot cause he just suddenly takes control and I have to beg her to give Dawn control back, thought the little fish would always tease me saying it was nice not dealing with me for a while.

I remember one time she let Mystic take control for a full day, it was funny seeing people glance at her twice when they notice her glowing eyes.

I noticed a change in the air as all the rogues ran back to their Alpha but I could see them shaking. I felt her before i saw her.

Something felt different about her, the power emitting from her was way too much that it made everyone fall to their knees, even the arrogant Alpha was on his knees staring with wide eyes.

Gracefully as ever, she made her way through the crowd towards the front and I could see why people were gasping.

She looked completely different as she walked with a smile on her face but that smile told me what she had planned was not good.

"So you can kneel Rogue?" She asked sarcastically. Her voice blew me away, it sounded so angelic that my breath caught in my chest. I heard a chorus of gasps and 'oh my god' from behind.

She might sound like she was possessed but I knew she wasn't, somehow Dawn, Mystic and Phoenix are able to talk at the same time and it was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard.

"What are you?" He asked frightened as he took in her glowing form. Her white air was glowing, shining as bright as the moon. His witch tried to run knowing she stand no chance but Luci was on her case before she could take a step.

My mate Chuckled and I nodded to my self, definitely the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. After this comes the sound of her moaning when we make love.

"You should have done your research about me Rogue, you are nothing but a power hungry fool and your hunger for power made you come after me. Have you seen how much of a fool you are?" My mate asked.

"If I knew you were so much powerful, I would have come a lot more prepared." He answered and even had the audacity to smirk.

He tried to stand but Dawn released her aura more and he was forced back on his knees.

"Oh really, look behind you, your so called army are trembling on their knees, they can even look up and they are drenched in their own sweat and urine. Look at your witch you thought was so much powerful cause she uses dark magic, she is burning up not being able to help you. You hid behind her magic and your arrogance and now you are all alone." She said with a little smirk. One look at the witch and she was on fire.

She was burning slowly as her screams was the only thing we could hear. Dark smoke started forming and immediately Dawn raised her hands creating some kind of shield around us.

After the witch was burnt, the Rogue stared at Dawn with wide eyes "What the hell."

"Hell is the perfect place for you because after I am done with you, you will never think of doing evil in your next life. And to answer your previous question," she paused with an evil smirk.

All of a sudden the floor started vibrating so I grabbed ground to steady my self "I am Queen Dawn of the werewolves, First and last Hybrid Queen, Mate of Grayson Cole and one more fact you didn't know about Daughter of Mother Selena who we all know as the Moon Goddess which makes me half goddess. And I won't waste my time with you cause I have special plans for you in hell. Say hello to my uncle Hades for him and tell him I love him." She paused as the ground continued shaking. She looked to her right and the ground opened as a figure came out of it.

A young man who looked not a bit older than us appeared with an evil smirk and the evil aura around him made me shiver. He looked at my mate and smiled at her "Damn I wish you got the evil side, it would have been fun having a sidekick but it nice to see you again little goddess." He chuckled which earned a laugh from my mate.

"Nice to see you too Lu! but I think it's time to handle them. Say hi to my troublesome uncle would ya. And come visit." She said and kissed his cheek.

The guy hugged her tightly and kissed her forehead "I'm proud of you Cuz, and I will be sure to take care of our guests." He smirked looking towards the rogue who has clearly shit on himself.

Suddenly the ground opened and the rogue and his army fell through before it closed back. The man turned to Dawn again and blew her a kiss "Come visit soon would Ya, I'm sure my dad would love to have you around." Dawn nodded and he winked before disappearing.

And then there was peace.

Were you expecting her to just let them through the ground? I certainly wasn't but my mind had another idea so why not🤷🏻‍♀️

The war is finally over guys, they can live happily now. Or will they?


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