Chapter 6 - "Wilder Traum."

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Lisa's POV.
I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror and couldn't believe that I saw the black bags underneath my eyes. I sighed out of frustration and washed my face again. I couldn't sleep yesterday at all, just because I was too nervous for today's audition. I took a shower and put some comfortable clothes on, and got myself ready. It was way too early in the morning. It was still a bit dark outside and the only thing I could hear was the birds chirping.

I walked out of the bathroom and tried practising the scene I was doing for Claire Herondale's role. It was an easy scene. Claire was known for her stubbornness behaviour and leadership so the scene was also just like that. The scene is about how she is snapping back at the Seelie queen and reading it, it made me want to laugh. Claire was such an underrated character.

"Lisa, are you awake?" I heard Maira's voice asking. I turned myself around and saw Maira standing at my room door. Her hair was messy. It looked like she just had woken up from her sleep. She was yawning and walked slowly inside my room while she was wiping her eyes.

"Yes but you are still sleepy." I laughed and she smiled. She nodded and sat down in my bed, and looked up.

"Today is your big day and I wanted to make sure that the nervousness wasn't eating you." Maira said and I laughed softly. She knew me way too well. Of course, I was stressed and nervous but I also knew it would just make everything worse than it already was. I just had to calm myself and everything would be fine.

"I am fine. Now but I still have to practice my lines. Can you be my Seelie queen?" I asked and Maira smiled.

"Is Alberto not your perfect Seelie queen?" She asked and I laughed softly. Alberto always helped me out by playing the role of the Seelie queen when I was practising for my role but it was hard imagining Alberto as a queen and most of the times we would end up laughing than actually practising.

"Well our majesty is still asleep so I thought I will find a new one." I said and Maira nodded. "It is my pleasure." She replied back. I smiled and handed over the script. I stood a bit away from Maira and Maira acted as my bed was her throne.

"What makes you visit our Seelie realm, shadowhunter?" Maira asked as she looked at me. For a second I was a bit surprised how good Maira was acting. Her facial expressions, body language and the face straight she kept whilst speaking. She was good at this.

"I am looking for my brother and somehow one of your bees had to lead me here." I said and whilst I said bees I moved my hand up and down. Maira smirked and stood up.

"Your brother Jace loves to be here. A bit too much if you were asking me." Maira said as she smiled whilst covering lips with one of her fingers. I smiled and walked up to her.

"With all due respect, your majesty but Jace does not fall for grandmothers. So you have one more chance before I slit your throat with my blade. Where is my brother?" I said throughout my teeth and held the invisible blade against Maira's throat. We both looked at each other and I smiled.

"That was so good, Maira!" I shouted and she nodded. For a second it truly felt like we were in another world and Maira's acting skills were amazing. I was totally amazed by her.

"You did so well! You will ace the audition!" Maira shouted happily and hugged me. I smiled and hugged her back.

"Maira, be my Seelie queen for the audition. Please, you were amazing." I said and Maira looked at me like she just has seen a ghost. She quickly shook her head.

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