Scream, No One Can Hear You

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"Oh Maaaeeee..." 

He called, stretching out the ending. I had been running earlier, darting around the old trees that were bursting with brittle leaves. I ran as silently as possible, stepping on rocks and fallen trees, trying not to step on the fragile leaves. I safely made it out of the woods, and scanned the area. My eyes rested on a small wooden shed. I sprinted over and slid inside. It was an old shed, nothing much. The shed was really little, the brown paint peeling. I pulled the tarp that was laying on the floor over me as I crouched down, and placed a few brooms, rakes, and buckets in front of me. I then laid sprawled out on the ground, trying to make me less noticeable. The shed door creaked open, and a figure filled the doorway. I peeked out at him, my face hidden in the shadows. His curly brown hair fell into his eyes, grazing his ears, emotionless black eyes standing out from his pale white skin. A psychotic smile spread across his face. He put one hand on the door, the other at his side. He glanced around the room, and I swear his eyes rested on me. He stepped farther in, his eyes roving around. I placed my whole body slowly under the tarp. After a while I peeked up once again, only to be greeted with his face right in mine. My breath caught in my throat. He dragged me up by the collar of my blue stripped shirt and stood me on my feet. I looked into his eyes, fear evident in mine. I opened my mouth to speak, but he cut me off before I got even one word in.  

"I know you're afraid. Don't be scared," he said so innocently.  

"It's only going to hurt a lot." With that he pulled his six inch knife from his back pocket. I shrieked, and his grin only grew.  

"Scream, no one can hear you." With that said, he pressed the knife into my throat. I let out a blood curdling scream. He pressed harder, and my mouth filled with the taste of metal and salt, the taste of blood. As the pressure increased on my throat, I slipped into darkness, never seeing light again.

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