Words and Things

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I am not English. My grammar was very bad—it's still relatively infamous—but, it did improve. 

Honestly, I have to actively think about tenses when I write, not to mention punctuation. I had to Google what roll on sentences and comma splices were, lol.  Then there's passive and active writing, and let's not forget the showing versus telling everyone keeps yammering on about—all while I was still figuring out how dialogue tags worked, comma or full-stop? Thank goodness for spell check!

Point is, writing in English—the universal language—is a bigger challenge when you don't speak it on a day to day basis. I had to teach myself and I made an effort to learn from others. 

I am no expert but I do love me some fancy words and I am a bit of an adjective addict. So without any delusions of grandeur here are a few words and things...

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