Chapter IV- Born to Run

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When I finally pulled up to Bobby's house, I grabbed all of my bags and hopped out of the car to stretch my legs. I locked my car, and meandered up to Bobby's door. I paused before knocking, looking around at the quaint house. I smoothed my hair down and adjusted my wrinkled and dirty clothes. I lifted my wrist to knock, but Bobby opened the door before I could.

"Layla." He sighed, and pulled me in for a tight hug.

"Hi, Bobby. Thanks for letting me stay here." I say, and dig around in my bag for my dad's note. "I want you to see this and explain it to me."

I hand him the note and grab my bags, following Bobby to a spare room where he told me to put my stuff. I put it on the full sized bed, and follow him to a living area. I sit down on the couch and he sits across from me in a chair. I look around the room, seeing hundreds of books. I laugh slightly,

"You read?" I ask, and Bobby smacks his lips, taking a look around.

"Just a little," he squints his eyes, then winks with a smile. I quietly examine the dusty room, waiting for Bobby to finish with the note.

"Well," He started and rubbed his eyes. "What do you want to know?" He asked and I sit forward.

"I want to know what the hell my parents did for a job." I say, pointing at the note. I rest my arms on my legs as I lean forward.

"They were hunters." He says, as if I know what that really means.

"Well... I know that, but what exactly. I need you to tell me everything." I push for an answer, and Bobby sits back.

"You ever heard of Demons, Vampires, anything. That's what they hunted. They protected you and saved a lot of lives in the process. I know this must be weird to find out so late, but you father also asked me not to tell you much." Bobby eyed me.

"Well I want to know, and I want to fight. So teach me everything I need to know." I roll my shoulders, ready for a lesson.

"Alright." He says, rubbing his face, looking around at his books. "First, you're gonna read this." He says, getting up and grabbing a large book. He throws it on my lap, then grabs two more.

"One second." Bobby says as the phone rings. He goes into the next room, and answers the phone. I lean back to look around the corner, and see a bunch of phones on the wall. There must be over 20.

"Yeah, she's here." Bobby murmurs and I strain my ears to listen. "Okay, see you soon." Bobby says and comes back around the corner. He made his way over to me and sits down in the chair across from me.

"We can start you off with those few," He says, and I nod.

"Just some light reading." I joke, and he laughs.

"That's just the basics of what you'll encounter." He says and I internally groan. I had no idea there was going to be this much reading. There's suddenly the loud sound of tires quickly stopping outside, and then the front door bangs open.

"Layla, what the hell?" I hear Dean angrily say, coming around the corner to glare at me. Shit, he looks really pissed.

"Dean, calm down. I don't want any fighting in here." Bobby says, and Dean fumes. He paces with his hand on his hips, eying me like he wants to strangle me. I sit awkwardly, trying to not make eye contact. Sam comes in a few seconds later, then says something to Dean. Dean leaves, and I hear the front door slam.

"He's an idjet, don't pay attention to him." Bobby says to me and I give Sam a look. What's an idjet? I don't ask.

After a few minutes me and Sam are in the kitchen laughing about breakfast.

"I just didn't want to... I don't know... Be any trouble." I say, blushing. Sam shakes his head, and strands of brown hair fall in his eyes.

"No, don't feel like that. We really don't mind." He says, then adds, "I think Dean wants to help because you remind him of us." Sam says grabbing a cup out of a cabinet behind me. I'm about to ask what he means, but see Dean walk in.

"Hey, Sammy..." He says then catches sight of me. He eyes us, and looks at how close Sam and I are. Dean shakes his head and walks to the next room, seeming even more pissed off than earlier.

"Does he hate me?" I whisper, and Sam shakes his head.

"No, he just wants to be difficult." He says, filling the cup he'd grabbed with orange juice. I look out the window, watching the sky become darker. I smile at Sam, whose watching me.

"What?" I ask, and he just shakes his head.

"Nothing." He says as Bobby walks in.

"I'm off to bed, my old body gets tired easily." He says and we laugh.

"Whatever, Bobby. You could never be tired." Sam says and I laugh. Bobby leaves, and Sam and I look at each other for a minute.

"Sam, come here." Dean says, and me and Sam walk into the next room. Dean's on the computer, looking at a news article. "Read this," he says, looking back at us. Dean gives me a glare, and gets up so Sam can read the screen.

"Sounds like something we should investigate." Sam says, turning back in the chair to look at Dean. "We leave tomorrow?" Sam asks, and then Dean looks over at me.

"Yeah, let's leave early." He says and my heart drops. I look at Sam, and he looks between us. Dean leaves, and goes down the hallway to his room. I go over to the couch and sit, trying to maintain composure.

"Yeah. He hates me." I say, and Sam doesn't look at me.

"I think I should go talk to him." Sam says, and I put a hand up to stop him.

"No, please don't say anything for me." I say, and Sam looks at me sadly. "Can you sit with me for a few minutes?" I ask, and Sam nods. He squeezes in next to me on the small couch, taking up quite a bit of space. He is really tall.

We end up talking until around midnight, and become super tired and end up falling asleep next to each other.

I wake up as Sam is being shaken awake.

"Sam, come on." I hear Dean say roughly. I roll over, putting my back to Sam. I feel Sam maneuvering over me, and know how this must've looked to Dean, but I just don't care. If he wants to hate me, then I'll let him. I pretend to be asleep, and don't open an eye until I hear them leave. I get up, and stretch. I look at a clock hanging on the wall, it's 6 in the morning. The front door opens again, and I lay back down to pretend to sleep. I
hear loud footsteps, and open my eyes a little to see who it is. Dean is grabbing a duffle bag off of a chair next to the couch, then turns around to look at me. He comes over, and grabs a blanket off the back of the couch. I nearly jump when the blanket is lightly put over me, then, Dean leaves. I smile to myself, pretty confused, and pretty sad.

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