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"I am so proud of you guys, today went successfully and to the honor of our goddess, we were able to free those who were captives of the stinky wonky." I yelled as I raised my glass "To more successes and to a life of peace after this."

"To peace." Everyone yelled after me.

After I took time to calm down after I heard the lady's story, I made sure to help the girls in getting them settled down. Most of them were willing to join our pack and some wanted to return. This might be a werewolf pack but anyone is welcome to stay.

It's been 2 weeks since we were able to free the captives and I must say the Rogue was pretty mad about what happened. Attack him will catch him by surprise. He tried attacking us but we killed most of his warriors while the rest escaped. I tried to reason with them on joining our pack but they were stuck and remained loyal to the rogue so we finished them.

"So your majesty," Drew said with a smirk making me glare at him "When are we going to finish this, I am tired of waiting. Let's just finish him and that slimy witch once and for all."

I smirked at him "Well your highness," I said back making him glare, he was technically the crowned prince "I have something big install for the slimy man an-" I paused as I clutched my ribs in pain.

"What's wrong?" Gray asked as he stood and was beside me immediately.

I growled out in anger which made the table shake, I knew my eyes changed color because those around gasped "It's a good thing I have everyone inside. Take the women and children inside the safe room this instant, once everyone is in, I will seal the door. Move immediately and don't panic, it's only a matter of time before the shield is broken, i guess the Rogue was in hurry cause he is here with what is left of his army. Don't underestimate him because it seems like he is stronger than ever.

Using dark spirit will make you strong but weak at the same time. You know the route, move and attack from behind, the chain we gave you will protect you from magic. Give me time and I will join, I need to find a way to disarm the witch." I said.

"I will handle her Dawn, I have a bone to pick with her." Luci said and I sighed.

"Thanks then I handle the Alpha. Everyone fight for your rights and fight for our freedom." Everyone cheered as their chain started appearing. Immediately they started moving and I smiled in pride cause they were really trained and smooth.

Everyone wanted to fight, I wasn't going to stop someone from fighting. Everyone here was capable of handling themselves so who was I to say they weren't going to fight. Lia and some of our witches were stationed in the clinic to make things easier for the doctors.

Some of the witches are even on the roof in disguise which made me laugh, and the vamps were also fighting hard. Those that were captured offered to fight for their revenge and I was glad. They also got special chains to protect them from black magic.

'Mother please tell me what to do.' I pleaded with my mother, I know she is here and I need her help cause it seems like I was at a road end.

'You Don't need me now for this my child, open your heart. The power in deep within you, instead of making them fight you can stop this once and for all. Just summon the power and it would answer you.' Her advice are the best.

'Are you sure about this?'

'Open your heart love. And remember light always and I mean always conquer darkness.' I felt a small kiss on my forehead and sighed.

Light always conquer darkness

Light always conquer darkness

Light always conquer darkness

That's it.

I have always had the light in me, it is obvious since my hands always seems to glow whenever I perform magic. But how will I summon the light and end this once and for all?

'You are so dumb Dawn.' I heard Mystic.

'Ah! Dumb Dawn, nice one Myst.'

I couldn't help but roll my eyes at those two "Must the two of you always insult me when you make an appearance?"

'Well I wouldn't insult you if you would just think.'

"But I am thinking."

'Girl all you need to do is summon Phoenix and I together then bring all your powers making them one, you can end it all in just a snap.'

'That's just it, we know you have never tried it but I think Now is the time because that dumb rogue is about to attack our mate.'

I hope I can do it, using everything in you is not something that is easily done.

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