Chapter Thirty-Seven.

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A week has passed since we broke Archie out of jail and everyone had managed to continue as normal. We all took shifts looking after Archie in Dilton's bunker but we all went on with our normal lives, sadly that included school. I was less than two weeks out from giving labour so today was my final day at school. I originally planned on stopping when I was a month out but life got in the way of that and I didn't really have anywhere else to go if I wasn't in school. 

Due to the last nine months of chaos I had forgotten to focus on school completely meaning I was failing almost all of my classes. I had spoken to Principal Weatherbee about it and he agreed to let both Sweet Pea and I repeat our senior year next year, allowing us time off to look after our new baby as well as focusing on school. Despite the fact I was already 18 I didn't mind being able to repeat this last year of school, maybe I could try and have a normal life alongside all of my friends.

Snapping me out of my thoughts during American History was none other than Sheriff Monetta walking into the classroom.

"Archie is a criminal, and we know he didn't escape alone. He had help." Monetta's speech began as he looked around the classroom at almost everyone who was involved in Archie's break.

"Hiding a convict or withholding information from the law is a felony offence." Monetta paused for dramatic effect, almost as if he thought we would just come forward and confess.

"You can check my browser history, if you know what I mean." Reggie spoke causing me to roll my eyes as Sweet Pea snickered at his remark. 

"I don't even know this Archie person. And on Monday's I host a group for teen Farmies. We are still accepting members." Evelyn spoke up to break the silence in the room as she reached across the table and held my hand kindly. She knew I was involved and I knew I could rely on her to be Sweet Pea and I's alibi if need-be.

"Where were you Ms. McCoy, at the time of the breakout?" Monetta singled in on Josie knowing she would be one of the easiest to crack out of the lot of us. I leant back in my chair and crossed my arms ready to see her squirm under the slightest of pressures.

"I. uh... I... I was in the music room... Practicing." Josie spoke as she tried to maintain eye contact with Sheriff Monetta. I tried my hardest not to laugh as she used the lamest alibi imaginable.


Josie didn't speak up, in fact she was absolutely quiet which concerned me slightly.

"I'll be looking into all of your alibis." Monetta spoke as he looked around our entire group. "If I find out later that someone in here was involved..." Before he continued his speech he rested his hands on Josie's desk and spoke directly to her trying to manipulate her into talking. This had me sitting on the edge of my seat in annoyance at the lack of professionalism this man really had.

"Well, you can say goodbye to this school, your hopes and dreams. Your music, your entire future. All of it goes away, just like that. Again to be clear, if you know anything, now's the time to tell me--"

I watched Josie as Monetta stood back up, her head rolled back slightly and before any of us knew it she begun having a seizure. I screamed at the sight of it before rushing to Josie's side.

"Sheriff Monetta, back off!" Cheryl squealed as she rushed to help out Josie. I looked rapidly around the room out of a state of worry waiting for someone to call for help. My eyes met Sheriff Monetta's as he stood there smug, his arms crossed against his chest.

"Well are you going to call for back-up Monetta? After all when a situation is out of your league you're meant to call for back-up and HELP your citizens." I spoke wiping the smug look off of his face, he tried holding my gaze but instead he huffed and turned around before calling for an ambulance.

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