Chapter 11.2: Enter The Rogue

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Four reapers sieged the fraternity house shortly after Kat vanished. The first order of business was to remove any stigmas from the mortals who saw the ghoul. They absorbed the ghoul's essence and proceeded to assess the bodies of the students. Every soul that is born into a vessel is sealed deeply inside it. Any exposure to raw essence may taint the vessel on the outside, revealing a scar only seen by those who can see essence. 
"Sir, I count eighteen bodies," one of the reapers reported to the fourth reaper who was an Acolyte. 
"Begin the process, and let's make this quick, please."
The process was to drain the vessel of essence completely and reinstate the core of soul back into the vessel. The reapers took each body and laid them out in the garden. One the of reapers drew a runic circle around them which then glowed after an incantation. The bodies all begin to levitate as an egg-shaped barrier formed over the bodies. Dark essence flowed out of the bodies for a short while, until the natural blue essence of a soul flowed out. The essence would touch any part of the barrier and be absorbed until a core would rise out of the chest of each body. The vessels would fall back to the ground and the barrier would change colours, reverting back to natural blue and swirls of essence would flow into each core and they would descend back into the bodies of which they came. The stigma was removed and the core could take full control of the body once again after the core has spread its essence throughout the vessel. 
Back at the basement, one reaper returned the legs to the guy. By pressing the cut-off bits to the rest of the leg, he let his essence flow out which turned into blood cells, tissue and bone. The legs reattached as if they were never cut off. He did the same for the pants.
He moved on to the paralyzed guy and restored the nerves to his lower body.

In the time this was all happening, the Acolyte worked to trace the essence signatures of the basement. Everything in existence, in the mortal life and thereafter, was made of essence. Only well-trained souls and Acolyte level reapers knew the art of reading essence signatures. An experience soul who excels in combat would be able to trace the signatures of essence to a point that he or she would be able to predict their enemy's next move. 
Whenever a soul moves, that single movement burns essence and leaves a trace so small that the average reaper would not be able to see it. But one that has trained in the weaving of essence would be able to and the Acolyte was able to see the trace of the entire fight. From the moment that Seth entered the basement to the moment where he was flashed out by another soul. The Acolyte memorised the faces of Seth and Kat. 
"Sir, we've cleaned the vessels and rolled back the memories or everyone accounted for."
"Good, register the soul of the ghoul and erase the mortal's existence from the minds of his loved ones."
The reaper nodded and headed back into the Underworld first.
"Fucking wanderers," the Acolyte said, "There were meant to be no deaths within miles of this place." 
The other two reapers moved with great speed to place the humans in their rightful positions before any of this commotion happened. By using binding spells to withhold their joints in place, leaving them in the state they were in. 
The Acolyte tore open a rift to the Underworld and the reapers followed him through it. The moment they left, the binding spells broke and everyone was back to their original positions before the attack. The girl found herself back by the wall, leaning against it and watching the party. She drank her cider without any other thought in mind. The guy who lost his legs was back to standing by the beer pong table with the other guy who regained his lower body capability. The guy who would have approached the girl was completely removed from any mind nearby and across the planet. 
In the sands of time of every soul in the mortal realm, one grain of sand is a memory. The reaper that returned to the Underworld first had to have rushed to the Hall of Time where every living soul's lifespan was monitored. Logging his name and surname, a reaper who walked the Hall would locate his sand dial. The sand that was to still fall has turned black, signifying a corrupted soul. But the sands did not move as the soul was killed after becoming a ghoul. The reaper destroyed the object and in several sand dials, one grain of sand glowed and burst into nothingness. 
This was the job of a reaper, in the times that unplanned deaths occurred. 
A cumbersome job indeed.

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