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(3rd POV)

The roar of the crowd blared in the combatants ears as he held his arms up victoriously. He was covered in scars, and fresh cuts. The occasional blood splatter dotted his body, both his own blood and the man he faced in front of him. This warrior was known as 'The Harbinger' in the arena, but only few knew him by his full name; Y/N Manius.

He stood over his enemy with a bastard sword and a kite shield. The crowd cheers in a lust for blood. The Harbinger pulls his scarred Galea (Roman Centurion helmet) off, revealing a young teenager. He looked to be about 16. His Lion faunus ears perked up, after being flattened by the helmet. Here, he was comfortable with being a faunus, the crowd just wanted blood. They didn't care who died. He knelt down to the fellow combatant and gently placed his hand on his forehead.

Y/N: "You fought with honor. I'll see you in the Elysian Fields."

Y/N pulled his hand away from the dying combatant, pulled a marble and gold hilted dagger from his hip and plunged it into the downed man's chest. It made quick work of his armor, and ended the man's suffering.

The victorious combatant recovered his items, and exited the arena, the crowd still screaming in excitement from the magnificent display that had just happened. He walked towards his coach. His coach was draped in a toga, the fashion of the little town Y/N grew up in. He had short curly brown hair with a few gray strands, and stood about two inches shorter than his star pupil. He was cleanly shaven, had fair skin, but scars lining his arms and face. He was the previous Arena Champion.

Y/N: "Publius! Did you catch the fight?" They embraced eachother in a hug.

Publius: "Aye! And it was a good one! You fought well! Now rest up, kiddo. You're gonna need as much Aura as you can if you're gonna make it into that Beacon school you're so fond of talking about."

Y/N: "Oh please, it's child's play compared to the dangers of the arena! Speaking of, when's my next match?" The gladiator started to pull his Centurion armor off one by one, making sure to carefully put it in his locker.

Publius: "I've cleaned your schedule for the rest of the week so you can focus on your entrance exam for Beacon, and if that doesn't work, you've always got Shade."

Y/N: "Yeah yeah.... Why do you always gotta kill my fun? I'm perfectly capable of fighting and working on my entrance exam  at the same time."

Publius: "I know, but you must be at your top game. Who knows what could happen if you're not at your full potential."

Y/N: "I guess you're right."

Publius: "Stay strong, and keep studying. I'll see you tomorrow, I have some other pupils I need to see to." With that, he walked off.

Y/N began polishing his armor pieces and making sure they were in top condition. If he was going to win, he would need to be at his top game. As he was working, his thoughts started to drift off, to his past.

Y/N grew up in a poor farm just to the north of a major settlement next to Vacuo. It wasn't all too big, a better tourist-y place because it was built on top of a gigantic oasis the original settlers of Vacuo must have missed, or only used as a water source pre-irrigation. The town also had one major attraction; The Arena. Vacuo didn't much care for the arena as long as the combatants were both consenually fighting to the death. But that didn't stop some people from using others, mainly faunus, as slave gladiators. Y/N's small farm and little community of neighbors was constantly under the threat of a gang of bandits called the Sand Sharks, people who hated faunus and wanted nothing more than to see them all be dispatched off of remnant.

As Y/N was about to turn 10, his community of farms were raided by these Sand Sharks and they left no survivors. The faunus' corpses were mutilated and burned as to not allow a proper burial. Luckily, Y/N's parents were able to keep him and his little sister hidden, and saved from the torture the Sand Sharks had done to kill Y/N's parents. He recalled how he was picked up by Publius, given shelter in the Arena and trained to fight in it. His sister never fought, but always helped train, trained herself, or sometimes help run the gambling part of the arena. Speaking of sister, his sister flicked him in the temple to suck him out of his stupor.

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