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We walk into the luxury penthouse and everyone starts screaming in excitement. I explored the penthouse myself and managed to find the masters bedroom. The penthouse only had one room but there was multiple, large couches for the rest of the group to sleep on. All eight of us could actually sleep on it.

I look around the separate room and I saw that there was a private bathroom. It was larger than David's bathroom back home. It was beautiful honestly. I was really enjoying my view in the penthouse.

"Lauren and I call dibs on the bedroom!" David shouts. I furrow my brows as I walk out of the bathroom and saw him tossing his bag on the bed.

"Are you sure?" I ask him.

"They all knew you were staying with me anyways. Besides. I paid for the hotel, I call a roommate." He winks.

"Oh. You're hilarious." I say.

"Oh. You're hilarious." He mocks me. I chuckle at him as he grabs my face and slowly lowers his lips on mines.

I finished brushing my teeth and I walk out of the bathroom whilst cutting the lights off. I glance over to David and saw him lying on his stomach already sleeping. I felt myself grow thirsty so I decided to walk out of the room and go to the kitchen to get some water.

As I walked through the living room, I noticed that everyone except for one person was asleep. Natalie. She sat in the love chair with her laptop on and her face seemed concentrated, annoyed, stressed, and even upset. I approached her side and started small talk with her.

"You okay, Natalie?" I start off.

"I'm just trying to figure out why they didn't get our booking." She sighs, rubbing her temples. I honestly felt really bad. For everyone to target Natalie at fault for the hotel rooms not to be booked was a douchebag move. She felt guilty and self conscious because everyone pointed their fingers at her.

"Hey. I wouldn't worry about it. Think of it as a good thing. They screwed up our booking and they paid us back by staying here for three nights free." I smile. She gives me a small smile and nods her head, but she continued to scroll on her laptop.

"I just wanna know why. Everything seems to be booked on my computer but not on theirs? I don't get it." She says. I slowly close her laptop and she looks up at me.

"Things happen for a reason, Natalie. Don't let them pointing fingers at you ruin yours time here." I smile. She smiles and gives me a nod to show she was agreeing with me.

"Thanks." She says.

"Get some rest. We'll be busy tomorrow." I playfully roll my eyes. Natalie sets her laptop down and she crawls into her spot on the couch and covers herself. I go back to getting a drink of water and I bring back a bottle. I walk into the room where David remained asleep and I sat the water bottle down on the nightstand. I crawl into bed next to him and I felt so much release hit me. I missed laying in bed honestly. Being in the car for a while made my body hurt and uncomfortable.

I smuggle myself into David's back and I fall asleep to the sound of him lightly snoring.

The next morning I wake up the sound of music playing. I sat up in the bed and I look beside me to see David waking up as well, confused just like I was.

"What the hell is that?" He asks with his morning voice.

A blessing to my ears

"I don't know." I reply to him. We both climbed out of bed and we wander out into the living room and see almost everyone standing up with balloons scattered everywhere, confetti, food and other celebration decorations. David holds his confused expression and looks at me again.

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