(PT. 3) You've Gotta be Kidding Me.. (PT. 3)

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I dunno what your talking about, I'm not writing three things for this story in one day (though this chapter started creation at 11:55 and may end up being posted tomorow because time.)

(Don's POV)

     I sat up, taking in deep gulps of air. I could have sworn I was teleported out of that desolated land, and was about to drown. Looking around I see an average looking room, a bookshelf, bed, carpet, fridge. The basic necessities in life.

     "Is this a prank guys? Because this is NOT my room.." I call out, hoping for a response from someone. No response. I take one last deep breath and look out the window to see stars and the moon.

     It wasn't a dream, was it..? I think to myself. And that's wheen I realize something. There's someone sleeping in the bed.

     I went to go get out of bed so I could see who it was, when an overwhelming feeling of nausea overcame me.

     Slowly, I slipped back under the covers. I suppose I'd have to wait 'till morning to meet my supposed 'savior.'

     Slowly, I closed my eyelids and drifted off into another dreamless sleep.

-'- Time for Our First Time Skip in this Book! -'-

     I opened my eyes once again, almost shutting them instantly as the suns rays burned them. I suppose I wasn't use to the sun after 200 years of not seeing it.

     Slowly, I opened my eyes once more, blinking furiously, as I adjusted them to sunlight again. Slowly but surely they became use to the light and I looked over to where the bed was, it didn't have a sleeping figure, only thrown off blankets as if someone was excited to wake up because it was christmas.

     But I'm pretty sure it's not christmas. I shrug it off and stand up. My legs felt a little shaky, but they regained their balance.

     My clothes seemed wash, which of whoever washed them I didn't want to know. I walked off towards the door, and swung it open.

And was it ever a sight to be seen.

The room was seemingly part of an apartment complex of some sorts, but it wasn't only that.


It resided on a floating island.

     Below the island was a sign, which of I couldn't read. Close to it was a barn, though I couldn't tell what was in it.

     The least I could say was I was astonished. Over every little bit of the place honestly.

     "Hey!" A voice called out. It was from behind me, and it sounded.. familiar to say the least.

     I turned around to face them, but stopped dead in my tracks.

Now you might be wondering why.

I'll let him answer for me though..

"My names Jon! What's yours..?"

Mission accomplished Scrubz, I DID IT! THREE LEGITIMATE CHAPTERS IN A NIGHT! Welp I'm probably gonna go sleep now.. Or make more of this because I, myself, wanna know where this goes.

507 freaking words. (A new personal record!)

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