Come Back Home-Jaemin(2)

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(A/N: heyyyyy my looveveveeleieieieesss. I recommend reading the first part of this before you read this one to like you know make it more clear for you, okay bye, happy reading!)

Finally, Jaemin's concert was over and he could finally go spend time with (Y/N). She had to wait for him in their dressing room and he was ready to take her out to her favorite places.

He could tell that he was more happy and excited to be on the stage since he was singing and running around even more than usual. That's probably because he's so happy that he got to see (Y/N) for the first time in forever.

He was ready to have her in his arms again, he misses just holding her and telling her he loves her. She makes him happy and he wouldn't want to lose her to anyone else. While they walked to their dressing room, Jeno started to talk to Jaemin. "I'm sorry I had to blindfold you, but it all worked out in the end right?" He patted his shoulder and Jaemin smiled widely.

"How did you guys get her to come out here?" He asked him and he shrugged. "You'll have to ask your manager about that, he just told us that she would be here." Jeno said and the others nodded their heads as well.

"We didn't really question it at the time, we just really wanted you to be out of that slump." Renjun smiled towards Jaemin

"Thank you guys, so much. I missed her so much." He smiled and looked at them all.

"You don't have to thank us, we saw how much you missed her and really just wanted to see you smiling again, hyung." Jisung said and patted Jaemin's shoulder as well.

They were now standing in front of the door of their dressing room. "Well she's waiting on you, go on inside." Mark said and smiled as well.

He walked inside the room to see (Y/N) sitting on a couch next to her friend. She had her head down as she tapped away on her phone. She looked up since she heard the door open and she immediately smiled and put her phone down next to her. She stood up with her  arms open wide and she started to walk towards Jaemin. He smiled and opened his arms as well to accept her hug.

"Did you have fun at the concert?" She asked and he smiled at her and nodded. He just wanted to appreciate her being here, he wanted to just have some time alone with her. She led him to the couch she was sitting on and he sat down next to her. "I still can't believe that your here, it just feels so surreal." He twirled her hair around his finger and smiled towards her.

Her friend decided to move away in order to give them some space.

"How's school? Isn't this your last year of high school?" She nodded and smiled.

"I made a lot of new friends, maybe you can meet them sometime soon?" He smiled as well and nodded. "But school's been good, I've been making a lot of good grades and we only have a few weeks left." He turned towards her and scooted a bit closer to her.

"That sounds really good," he stared deep into her eyes. "(Y/N), I missed you." She smiled and sat up straight. "I missed you like crazy and seeing you right now just makes me so happy. I've talked my members heads off when it came to you." he said and held her hand in his.

She nodded. "I missed you too, I'm sure my friends and my family have gotten tired of me going on and on about you, it was like you were the only thing on my mind." he felt his heart leap at the sound of her saying that.

"Aww, my sweet (Y/N) missed me," he nuzzled his forehead into hers and her laughter was like music to his ears.

"Hush!" he laughed with her and leaned in for a kiss.

Jaemin's manager let (Y/N) come over to the dorms so they could spend a few more hours together before (Y/N) parents wanted her back home.

The two immediately went to hog the couch. They cuddled up together in a blanket, their arms around each other and her head laying on his shoulder.

She felt like she could fall asleep in his arms with how warm he was. She had missed this feeling of being in his arms for so long, she's been waiting for so long and so has he.

"Hey," he began making her look at him. "Let's go do something." he looked down at her and smiled. She raised an eyebrow at him.

"Like what? We're kind of limited to some things now." (Y/N) snuggled a bit closer to Jaemin and he readjusted his hug on her.

He shrugged a bit. "I want to go out with you, I want to take you somewhere fancy." he leaned his head on top of her and moved the blanket to be on her back.

She smiled softly at him. "You don't need to take me somewhere fancy, I'm fine just where we are," he looked down at her and his eyes widened at her response.

"When did you get so humble?" he teased her. she smiled widely and shook her head. She sat up and smacked his shoulder making him giggle.

"Shush!" they both sat there and laughed together. Jaemin had finally got to be happy with her by his side.

And (Y/N) got what she wanted for her birthday.

(A/N: i don't know what to write about anymore so i'm just gonna write about wh

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