Chapter 1

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May 25, 2019

A/n: First of all, I will be adding someone special (he he).


     School a place where people get angry for no apparent reason. You on the other hand are devoted to learn and have a good life. But that's not the case here, people tend to drift off into something else than what they usually do. But you, you were drifted off by force. The school bell rang slapping you out your thoughts.

    You made your way out of the classroom before Mr. Green-weld comes and stops you. You left to your next class surprisingly still embarrassed. The halls were filled with couples, popular girls and their boyfriends, and the stand outs. You were a stand out, since why would a popular kid like you.

    The look on everyone's face was filled with frowns. You pulled out your phone to check the time to see when class starts but the bell beat you to it. You started running to your biology class, not wanting to get scolded. The classroom door had students coming in and out of the classroom.

     You ran in not acknowledging the person coming out of the classroom. You bumped into him and fell. His chocolate brown eyes stared at your small figure. He didn't bother helping you up since you were probably ruining his day now. You stood up and entered the classroom looking down. You sat down next to the familiar brown haired girl.

    Astrid, your best friend, looked at you with squinted eyes. "What?" you asked. "Nothing." she said slowly moving her head away from you. "I heard there's a new girl coming to class." I said. Your friend,who's still not facing you, hummed. You sighed, "Well I think i'll make her my new best friend." Astrid turned around immediately.

    She had an angry expression on her face. "I'm kidding but I want her to be my friend." you said reassuring your best friend. She let a sigh of relief from her pink lips. The teacher came into class in a hurry since he always comes late. Mr. Sean was muttering nonsense about how he was late and how we could do better.

    Someone knocked at the door and Mr. Sean slapped his face. He went over to the door and opened it. A girl with short brown hair and pale skin appeared through the door. Everyone gasped at how beautiful she was. She looked shy though, but she then started talking. "Hi everyone my name is Emma( hoexos ) and i'll be glad to join your school and class."

    Your teacher then pushed her to the back of the class. She was startled and made her scared of the teacher already. He then sat her down at the desk behind you. You turned around around and looked at her with curious eyes. She smiled and waved at you and you did the same. You turned back around to Mr. Sean teaching already.

    You pulled out your book and started writing down the notes on the board. Emma seemed like a very strange girl to you. She had a strange aura that made you curious, I mean too curious. Like if you followed her you might see a bad side of her. You continued to write down the notes and debated whether you wanted her to be your friend.

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