taekook:don't hurt yourself(r)

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boyfriends au

requested by: btsbbella

warnings: self harm, self hate, fluff :)
(kidding, i accidentally did ANGST-- zz)


taehyung's head whipped up at the sound of the door opening, his eyes wide in horror as he stared at his room in fear.

stuffed toys littered the ground, pacifiers laid on the table and to complete the whole thing, the boy was dressed in a pink onesie, paci hanging loosely from his pink lips.

he took a second to comprehend the situation, jungkook is home, he shouldn't be home, why is he home?!

taehyung shoved off the blue blanket, turned off the television-- it was playing a cartoon-- and quickly tossed all his pacifiers into the box he kept them, shoving them under his bed.

he put all the stuffed toys on the bed; jungkook got some of them for him, seeing it normal for taehyung to like those, and stripped off his onesie, switching it to the oversized tee jungkook loved.

he gave the room one last look, and smiled sadly, before rushing out his room and smiling when he saw his boyfriend.

"k-kookie! you're home early.." he chuckled as naturally as he could, making jungkook laugh.

"thought i'd come see my precious boyfriend early t'night. see him in my favourite t-shirt..?"

taehyung giggled, giving jungkook a hug,"just for you. c-can we go cuddle? after you've cleaned u-up?"

jungkook ignored his stuttering and nodded,"of course, baby. i'll take a bath then join you at the sofa, okay?"

taehyung nodded, letting jungkook go to the bathroom before letting out a deep breath that he didn't know he was keeping in.

he made his way to the sofa, sitting himself down before turning the television on, making sure to avoid any cartoon channels, no matter the urge.

taehyung was lucky he could slip out in time.

staring half-heartedly at the news channel he hugged close a stuffie they kept in the living room, the first one jungkook ever got him- a huge stuffed bunny, it was half his size.

cuddling in, taehyung sighed at the feeling, noticing a small smile creep on.

if only i didn't have to keep it from him..

what would he think if he knew?

he couldn't be sure jungkook wouldn't be disgusted, sure, he was the best but still, no one knew what would happen.

just as his previous relationship, what if everything went down when he knew the truth?

what if he was left alone again?


two weeks later, taehyung waited for the door to shut, making sure jungkook had left for work before he felt tears well up in his eyes.

life wasn't going well, and though he was glad that jungkook stayed home most of the days, it made sure he couldn't slip and it hurt.

he had seen his ex a day ago at the mall, and immediately felt upset, nearly slipping into little space right there and then.

the small boy let out a sob, fists helplessly rubbing off his tears from his flushed cheeks, as his body shook violently, he didn't even understand why he was so worked up, but in his deep headspace, all he could do was collapse and cry.

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