Chapter 12

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3rd POV (one year later)

Although they didn't know it, today marked one year of being away from their home. One year of being stuck in this post-apocalyptic world. Did they enjoy it? No, of course not. But they had gotten used to it. They became somewhat comfortable, despite always searching for food and not having a proper bed to sleep on.

Both of them were starting to change. The changes weren't significant, but still different. Five as a person was starting to lose his joyful side. I don't mean he was a happy person anymore. But he was becoming more serious. Serious about finding out the truth and getting out of the apocalypse. He was still the same at heart though. He still had the sarcasm and wit. Those traits are what made Five, Five.

Y/N had started becoming more serious as well. She still had her fun, carefree, and goofy side, but she didn't joke around as much. You really couldn't do that in this position if you were determined to find your way back home. 

But one thing definitely changed in Y/N. She became strong. She had always been independent before, but often showed her vulnerable side. She cried a lot in her past. From being locked in a room for a week, to seeing her brothers and sister dead in the ashes of her home, to finding out the people she thought were her family weren't. Sure she had reasons to cry. But, crying wasn't solving anything for her. Crying wasn't going to heal those emotional wounds. She hadn't even let a tear slip in the last six months. She didn't know whether this was good or bad, but she decided just to go along with it.

Everyday had been pretty uneventful for them. They did what they could to work on finding clues, but there wasn't much. They always had each other to talk with, and Delores of course. Sometimes they had fun, making up games to play and stories to tell. They could never get bored of the other's presence.

Nothing special had really happened until one day.....


I was starting to adjust to this new life. It wasn't like I was starting to like it. But, Every day wasn't miserable anymore. I thank myself for not being so sad all the time. I stopped being such letting my emotions get the best of me. Even though I've always been labeled as "independent" or "strong," because I always stuck up for myself and others, but I was still just a child. I never really focused on the important things. 

The days went by slow. Very slow. Mainly because there was really nothing to do. Well, for me at least. Five has been working on that dang equation since day one of being stuck here. He said he doesn't know when it will be completed. I applaud him for his patience. I know I would never be able to do something like that.

As for me, I had to create ways to keep myself busy or entertained. Sometimes I would look around or go back to the academy to look for anything useful. Other times I would chat with Delores (aka myself) and Five. The only times when the days went by faster was when Five and I talked. Everyday was pretty dull, but that soon changed.

It had been a really hot day out. Sweat covered my face as I walked around. I hadn't really been to look for anything useful. Almost everything had turned to ash. I was just wandering around. Since it had seemed a little over a year of being here, all the fires had died out. Well, the ones that were in this area.

The only cool things I found so far were a beaded bracelet, and an old record (think of whatever record you want.) The bracelet previously had white beads but the smoke from the various fires blackened part of it. It honestly looked kinda cool. I didn't really like jewelry, but I could give it to Delores. It kinda went with her necklace. 

I was excited about the record because it was by an artist I had loved listening to. Five did also. We found a record player under a piece of a tin roof that amazingly still worked. But their weren't many records around. Whatever time we traveled to didn't seemed to listen to records, CD's, or walk-mans, sadly.

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