11. The Goat Guy

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Sunday morning, and Caleb's attention was divided three ways by three different issues. He was, of course, used to juggling a dozen issues at work. Today, they were highly personal. What's more, none of them were directly in his control so he shouldn't let them bug him. But they did.

"We'll ride to Patty's for breakfast," he told Indio, who was sitting at the dining room table with coffee, tapping his phone, possibly expecting pancakes to appear.

"Not this morning. I got a meeting."

That explained why he was up so early.

"About a job?"

"Sort of."

Caleb poured coffee. "Care to elaborate?"

"There's a local band reaching out to see if I might consider playing with them. Two bands, actually. I'm meeting with one this morning."

"That was quick."

"Word gets around."

Caleb joined him at the table. "Is that what you want to be doing? You have a band. Our band. You're looking for design work, right?"

"I'll start asking around on Monday." Indio gave him that look, the look that told him to back off, the look that was Caleb's first cause for concern today, and for which there was no solution except to push through and find a way the two of them could live together.

Jesse emerged from the tower looking the worse for wear. "I thought I'd be forty before three drinks were enough to give me a hangover."

"Those were triple shots," Indio said. "I watched you pour them."

"I was just following the recipe." He slumped in a chair. "The rest of my summer is completely screwed. Alice was gonna be my big adventure."

"She punched the goat," Indio said.


"She did something to the goat last week."

"Something? What the hell are you talking about?"

"Slapped it or something. She wasn't a keeper, bro."

The two of them stared at each other in mutual confusion before dissolving into chuckles at the absurdity of it.

"Before Wynter comes down," Caleb said, in order to get his second issue out in the open, "Charlie Bryant—remember him? He told me yesterday the FBI has opened an investigation into the Light."

Jesse sobered up fast. "Because of Deedee? The grave?"

"No, right now that's still a matter for the local sheriff. It's because of his article about their financial practices."

"Good!" Jesse said. "If tax evasion brings them down, like it did Al Capone, I'm all for it."

"My concern is if their investigation broadens, if they learn about the abuse and the child labor, it might lead them to Wynter. They might want to question her."

"She doesn't have to talk to them, right?" Indio said.

"Not without a subpoena, no. She might want to talk to them."

Jesse clearly thought it was a no-brainer. "She should! I mean, as long as it's done confidentially. Those witches should pay for what they did."

"Wynter doesn't care if they pay for it or not," Indio said quietly.

"I care!"

"This is none of your business," Indio shot back. "Your thirst for revenge is irrelevant."

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