10. Emergence of Emergencies

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Fraser showed me to our space without another word

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Fraser showed me to our space without another word. He was quiet, completely different from the Fraser downstairs. But then again, I myself had changed. Maybe there was fairy dust in the carpets.

Poof. Fraser understood dignity. Poof. I could try to act like a human being.

He twisted the door open, and my eyes landed on something out of a storybook.

Four two-bed bunks were built into the walls, little caves lined with sparkling purple stones: amethyst, I assumed. The floors, decked with pearly tiles, led to a huge lounge and emergency kits on the walls. The lounge was strung with fairy lights and fit with bookshelves and hammocks galore. In fact, the entire room had been lit with lanterns on strings. These, plus the sunlight streaming through the windows, made this geode of a room glimmer.

A wonderland. A marvel. A beautiful new home.

I let my backpack clatter to the floor. "This is it?"

"This is it," Fraser said.

"Insane." I narrowed my eyes. "How much money does your family have?"

He shrugged. "Doesn't matter. You can have lower bunk on the right. If you need me, I'll be in the recreation area with the rest of our cabin."

I stood a little taller. I was only a couple inches shorter than him, but in this room, I felt like the queen of the world. "Thanks, Fraser."

"No problem."

The door opened. Closed.

And I crashed.

I hadn't slept on a mattress this nice since Mom's house. It dipped into the curves in my body (trust me, I had plenty) and pulled me in. Yes, my stuff was in a pile on the floor, and yes, I needed to start heading downstairs, but I deserved a break.

So when I was interrupted by a new foe, you best be certain that I wanted to rip their teeth out and feed their squirming body to the pigeons.


"Go away."

"I left my campers alone for this." Isaac said. "You know who Fraser is, right?"

"Yeah." I crossed my arms, propping my back up on my pillow. "He's my co-counselor."

Isaac sat on the edge of my bed. "No, no, no. Listen. His mom's a billionaire. She's famous, at least in her country. Canada. And he's her son."

"Oh," I said. "So that's why he dresses like he's about to join Team 10."


The intercom (this building had an intercom?) crackled to life, springing Isaac to his feet. Alyssa's voice flowed through the cabin, dressing us in momentary relief. Relief from...talking about rich people.

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